10 Fantastic College Halloween Party Ideas


Dress up, toss your inhibitions to the wind, and have fun this Halloween. This year, the tricks aren’t just for kids.

Hosting a Halloween party is the perfect way to get all of your friends together for an almost anonymous good time. And if you sneak in a few of these suggestions, your party will still be generating conversations during finals week.

College parties are the creepiest ones because students are creative enough to surprise each other with creepy costumes and cheap yet disgusting treats, not to mention that they can do fantastic Halloween cocktails without spending heaps of money on expensive drinks.

1. Creative costumes only

Nothing says, “I’m lame,” like a store-bought costume. If you have only one rule at your party, make it the creative-costume rule. Your guests don’t have to be crafty to create an original disguise.

The Internet is teeming with ideas. Budget-friendly ideas, actually. A little online research and a few hours on crafting and you’ll get a perfectly scary costume.

You can create your Halloween costumes together so that no one feels bored at home. But I think it’s better to make it alone to spook everyone on October 31.