10 Spooktastic Halloween Tree Ideas


We all love our Christmas trees; picking them out, stringing them up, decorating them with colorful ornaments and tinsel. But if you love Halloween as much as I do, you will jump at the idea of creating a Halloween tree. Yep, Halloween tree.

Halloween trees are just as fun – if not more so – and you can even make it have a theme, just like your Christmas tree. But if this is your first Halloween tree, here are ten of the most spooktastic Halloween tree ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

1. The Pumpkin King

You would be surprised what stringed lights you can find in stores. This Halloween tree in particular sports Jack Skellington, pumpkins, and some other spooky decorations. So if you love the Nightmare Before Christmas, be just like Jack and combine the two holidays with this one tree.

2. Psycho Purple

If you just so happen to have some Christmas ornaments that are Halloween colors slap them on your tree with some adorable pumpkins and some bright lights to make it shine in the pitch black creepiness that is Halloween.

3. The Brooding Bare

If you are looking for something a little more creep-tastic, look no further. Creating a horrifying, haunted looking tree with no leaves and ghosts hanging from it is definitely right up Halloween town’s alley. You can even slightly singe it to give it an even more sinister look.

4. Wicked Witch

If you love the wicked witch icon of this spooky holiday, you will love decorating your tree like this one with purple, orange, and green streamers, and the most sparkly witch hat you have ever seen. This tree is a little cutesier than creepy, but hey, it is still a great Halloween tree.

5. Defeated Dorothy

If you adore the Wizard of Oz, but wish the wicked witch had won instead, you can depict your secret wishes of evil vanquishing Dorothy and her sparkly red shoes in a tree. Top your creation with the witch’s hat, toss in her legs and nose sticking out and put Dorothy’s red shoes squished under the tree. Everyone will love your creativity.

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6. Black Beauty

Instead of using a traditional green Douglas Fir, grab an artificial tree of any creepy color you love – I personally love the idea of a black Halloween tree. Throwing on some caution tape, splattering it in blood, and making your own wicked looking pumpkins to adorn the rest of it will make this tree the envy of all Halloween trees.

7. Malignant Masks

Halloween is all about dressing up, wearing masks, and scaring people (and candy), so why not celebrate that with your tree? Don your tree with the creepiest masks you can find, or make some of your own out of paper mache. Either way, it will scare the bejesus out of anyone who walks into your house on this holiday.

8. Christmas Cobwebs

If you want to go in a completely different direction, decorate your normal, cheerful Christmas tree then smother in it cobwebs, spiders, and whatnot to kill two birds with one stone – when Halloween is over, simply take off the creepy decorations and voila, your tree is up and done for both holidays.

9. Spooky Skeletons

Another classic representation of Halloween is skeletons. Whether you love the sugar skulls or the straight up scary skulls, decorate your Halloween tree with your favorite bones and be done.

10. Dreadful Dolls

This Halloween tree has to be one of my favorites. Instead of an angel on top, find the scariest doll you can find and have her on top of your lovely holiday tree. You can also find colorful lights, ghostly ornaments, and pretty pumpkins to finish off the look.

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And there you have it, the best Halloween trees I could find in the vast valley of Instagram. So pick your favorite theme, or just take inspiration. Either way, celebrate your favorite haunted holiday with a Halloween tree all your own!