7 Simple and Cheap Ways to Celebrate Halloween


One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. On this holiday you can afford different activities, which can be both enjoyable and not so much expensive. So even if you are short of money you will have fun this Halloween. I also like this holiday as it’s the first one in this season.

Halloween gives us an opportunity to remember our childhood and get some fresh feelings. We love this holiday for different reasons, such as delicious food, fresh autumn air, bright colors of costumes, etc. And what is more important is you are not expected to spend much money while celebrating Halloween.

Only in case if lots of children come to you and say: “Treat or trick!” You will give them all the sweets. We can surely say that Halloween is not an expensive holiday. For this event we don’t need to cook some special food, to give presents to our friends, and even costumes we can make ourselves.

One more advantage of Halloween is that we can entertain and enjoy our time without any damage to our purses. And all those activities are funny. Here I will share my top list of entertaining activities for Halloween.

1. Arrange a dress-up party

Last year I saw a piece of advice in a magazine for those who don’t plan to spend much money. You can invite a friend to your home and they will bring funny and interesting material for your Halloween costumes. After all, friends gathered together, you can make your looks and characters for the party helping each other. It will be really funny.

To complete your outfits you can make for a friend an interesting hairstyle or scary make-up. When finished all those preparations, you and your friends can take photos of each other, after go out, see other people and have a very good time. So you can see that in such a funny and creative way you don’t need much money and a long time for preparation. And as result, you will laugh a lot and relax.

2. Watch a movie

There are some people who don’t like so many noisy parties with many people. Or just maybe someone is not in a good mood. Then the best choice for Halloween will be watching a scary movie with your best friend.

This is very good for people who are not so much interested in Halloween. Nothing so much exciting, but still some kind of entertainment. And without much money.

3. Go to a party

For many people, the best way to celebrate Halloween is just going to some parties or festivals devoted to this event. Without a doubt, you can always attend a Halloween party for free.

There are many places such as churches, some clubs and others who organize celebrations without any payments. Visiting a party at these places is one of the cheapest ways to celebrate Halloween. But don’t forget to take some sweets!

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4. Have fun

Another way for having fun on Halloween is renting different classic scary movies and watching them together with your best friends. You can also buy lots of your favorite drinks and snacks and eat them to your heart’s content. Such a decision for a Halloween celebration is classic, easy, and saving your money.

5. Ask your friends to bring a few bags of candy

You can feel some problems if there are many people who live near you. Everybody comes to you and says: ”Treat or trick!” It will be really difficult for you to hand out sweets to everyone who comes to your door. So the best way out is to call some of your friends who will help you with treatment.

To award them for their help you can cook tasty and simple dishes like cornbread, a vegetable soup, make a dessert (cupcakes, biscuits, brownies). Besides, your friends can take with them their favorite dishes. Also, you should provide your guests with some drinks like cider, cocoa, a bottle of wine, or a punch. After all, you will have a very good and exciting time with your friends and all he thought about the lack of money will flow away.

6. Have a Halloween potluck

One more decision for a cheap and simple celebration of Halloween is to make a big potluck. You should think about the topic of the event. They can be autumn foods, healthy foods, or sweet foods for potlucks. You will have only to prepare some drinks.

The best of them are cocoa, Halloween punch, and hot cider. All these can be served with nice and inexpensive napkins, paper dishes, and still, this event will be called a party. When you see your friends who come to you with food, be sure you will not remember about your bad mood or lack of money even for a moment. You can even have such parties every year.

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7. Get ready for ghost hunting

I had such an experience when I was 12. My parents organized that for me and some of my friends. We had scary music when it became dark and somebody was coming to the entrance door there was some dry ice going out of it. When all my friends were together we went ghost hunting.

We were holding flashlights in our hands, going to the wood through an old barn. My parents carried candles. During our walk, we made up scary ghost stories. There were some more adults who shouted and scared us.

Really that was so much exciting! I don’t recommend using such activities with small children. But together with teen friends, it will be the best way to have fun. My parents were really great at making entertainment for us. That was the best Halloween in my life, for which no money was required. That was very scary and memorable!

If you have some funny, creative, and exciting ideas about the Halloween celebration without much money tell us, please!