10 Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving Day


People celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the USA on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day, everybody is grateful for good fortune and autumn harvest. The usual way Americans spend this holiday is to host a dinner at home and invite friends and relatives.

They mostly eat lots of tasty meals, watch TV shows and drink some wine. But I want to introduce you to some other interesting and funny facts about Thanksgiving Day. So keep reading…

1. Abraham Lincoln announced it to be an official holiday

One of the unique facts about Thanksgiving Day is that in 1863 Lincoln was the first president of the USA who proclaimed an official holiday when people give thanks. Before him, other presidents also established some annual dates for that. But those were not official holidays. Instead, Lincoln’s decision was inspired by Sarah Josepha Hale, a popular magazine editor.

Due to this interesting fact about Thanksgiving, one day, Lincoln got a letter from her where she suggested that he proclaim an official annual celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Thanks to that letter, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in the USA. It was to be held every year on the last Thursday of November. People had to be thankful for their fortune and nature on this day.