10 Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving Day


10. Every year 45 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving

Annually people in the U.S. eat tremendous amounts of food. Therefore, one of the unique facts about Thanksgiving is that about 45 million turkeys are consumed during fest dinner. If Americans follow the same tendency this year, they will spend about five billion dollars buying turkeys and trying to make their Thanksgiving menus perfect.

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What are 5 interesting facts about Thanksgiving? 

Firstly, one of the most interesting facts about Thanksgiving is that the main symbol of the holiday is the utterance of words of gratitude, which can be interpreted very widely. For example, it can be gratitude to the Almighty for mercy, the Indians who helped the first settlers survive, the outgoing year for the harvest, and relatives and friends for support and help. 

Secondly, another fun fact is that one of the best components of the holiday is parades, the most grandiose of which takes place in New York. The parade symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas season and sales. 

Thirdly, celebrating this holiday on the fourth Thursday of November came with the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1945, he signed the corresponding law. 

In addition, one of the fun facts about Thanksgiving is that it is customary to watch American football. However, people themselves do not mind playing football with their families. 

Finally, one of the unique facts is that in 1947, Truman introduced the tradition of a sitting president pardoning two turkeys for forgiveness and then sending one of those birds to live out the rest of his days on a celebrity farm. 

How does Thanksgiving get its name?

Thanksgiving was originally a holiday of expressing gratitude and appreciation to God and family and friends for material well-being and kindness. From this tradition came the name of the holiday. 

What are some good things about Thanksgiving?

First of all, the best tradition is that several generations of the same family gather in the house of the elders for a festive dinner. Then, everyone thanks for all the good things that happened in his life. 

Secondly, traditional costume parades are one of the fun things about Thanksgiving. The most famous parade is held annually in New York. It is organized by Macy’s, the largest chain of department stores. The main attraction of the parade is huge inflatable toys. 

And, of course, a solemn ceremony of pardoning a turkey is held at the White House on the eve of the holiday. Following this tradition, at least one turkey must avoid the fate of being on the festive table.

What is the most important thing on Thanksgiving?

The most important thing on Thanksgiving is the day when all relatives get together, regardless of who lives where. Every year, people spend Thanksgiving Day with those closest to them.

What is the true backstory of Thanksgiving? 

The Thanksgiving story begins in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1621. It was there that the pilgrims, who arrived on the North American continent on the ship Mayflower, founded the first English colony in the New World.

There were 102 people on board, but half did not survive the winter. The first settlers reached the shore in November, which met them with cold, hunger, and disease. And in the spring, the Indians of the local tribe showed compassion to the pilgrims and showed them what crops could be cultivated on this land.

Yet, after all their hardships, the harvest became an almost divine blessing for them. And as a token of gratitude to the Lord, they arranged a feast. For a long time, the celebration was popular, but in 1789, by decree of George Washington, Thanksgiving Day acquired national status.