10 Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


The holidays are coming up fast, but the first of our favorites, Thanksgiving, is just a few weeks away. Yes, soon you will get to stuff your face and listen to your relative’s drone on and on about politics, the job market, how their kids are doing in school, and hear your grandma not so subtly ask you about your weight.

While blocking out most of it, you can avoid the latter by dressing up your cute curves in something perfectly comfy for the weather, yet still dressed up enough for dinner. So here are ten of the most stylish Thanksgiving outfit ideas for you to rock this holiday season.

1. Simple Sweaters

Photo: pinterest.com

Sweaters are any girl’s best friend in fall, especially on Thanksgiving when you are going to need room for wine and a couple of plates of food and dessert. Pair your favorite simple sweater with some eye-catching accessories like tan riding boots and a burgundy scarf and you are good to go.