10 Sweaters and Cardigans That Will Keep You Warm All Season Long


Sweater weather is here, but all of your sweaters from last season are either out of style, dingy, discolored, or stretched out. So, of course, like any wise woman would, you buy a new fall sweater line.

However, you will be overwhelmed by how many styles, textures, fabric, and overall choices there are when it comes to covering your body in snuggly sweater warmth. So I am here to help you along with the top ten sweaters and cardigans you need to buy to keep you comfy and cocooned in hear this fall and winter.

1. The Chunky Knit


This oversized, overtly comfortable style is going to be your go to, trust me. You can roll out of bed, throw your hair up in a bun or in a beanie, throw on this sweater, leggings and boots and go out the door without a worry. You will look like you actually tried when you really didn’t and it is the best thing ever.

2. The Lengthy Neutral


Though bold is always a great option with your clothing, you always need neutral staples to tone down the scream your bright blue tank gives off. This marl knit cardigan is perfect to pair with anything – and I mean anything. Jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, tops, tanks, you name it, you can throw this on with it.

3. The Loose but Lovely


Sweaters and cardigans like this hug your curves just enough, but still flow enough to be cute and comfy all at once. Pick one up at any major store and throw it on with jeans and you are good to go for the day.

4. The Crazy Color


Color, color, and more color. If you are bold and always want to be bold, grabbing a colored cardigan can make a big statement, especially a rainbow one such as the one linked above.

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5. The Pretty Plaid


Plaid is everywhere in this cold weather, so why not grab a plaid sweater? If you want something to keep you warm and snuggly, that feels like a blanket, but does not look like a potato sack, this is your best bet for perfection.

6. The V Neck


V necks are a classic sweater style, so of course you need one. You can’t have a closet without classics. Want to go bold? Grab one in red with chunky buttons and tight sleeves, and you will look effortlessly beautiful.

7. The Cold Shoulder


Off the shoulder anything is all the rage right now, so it is only natural you grab an off the shoulder sweater. Of course, if it gets cold where you are at, this might not be the best choice of clothing, unless you are okay with shivering while looking cute, then go right ahead.

8. The Trendy Tribal


Tribal is always in and pairing the trendy print with a knit sweater is just an obvious fashion choice, so go ahead and go native this cold season.

9. The Soulful Stripes


Stripes are another classic, but bump it up a bit more by grabbing a striped cowl neck sweater instead of the usual black and white pullover. Pair this with some ripped jeans, boots, and chunky necklaces and you won’t be able to keep track of all the compliments you receive.

10. The Wonderful Wool


Wool sweaters should be the first on your grab list for your new closet, to be completely honest. This cult classic wool blend sweater is a staple in every girl’s closet, especially in fall and winter. It is like the Pumpkin Spice Latte of sweaters, so you obviously need one.

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So those are the top ten transitional sweaters for fall and winter. But if you are feeling crazy, you could go ahead and pick up an ugly Christmas sweater and throw it into the mix just for funsies. Or just stick to the normal, cozy like sweaters like the rest of us with our PSL’s.