8 Essential Oils to Awaken Your Christmas Spirit


Christmas is right around the corner – just a little over a month to go until we tear open our presents and watch the joy light up on our family member’s faces as they open theirs. But the Christmas music is already here, Walmart and every other store have decked their halls and already gotten into the Christmas spirit.

While you are waiting for Thanksgiving to come so you can stuff your face, the time between then and Christmas day seems like a massive chore, dwindling your X-mas joy and making you impatient. So tide yourself over with these eight essential oils to fill your house and your nose with the scents of the holidays and keep the Christmas spirit alive all November and December long.

1. Pine needle

Start the season off right with the lingering lovely scent of Christmas trees. Nothing gets me more in the mood for everyone’s favorite holiday than a big tree, strung up with lights. But if you do not want your tree to die before the big day, or it is fake, just keep this oil around to give the same amazing effect.

2. Spruce

Another forest-like smell to fill your home. Though pine and spruce are very similar, they do have some subtle differences. Spruce is a more foreign scent, coming from Canada, which gives off a cleaner scent than the thick pine does. It also has purifying and cleansing attributes along with smelling great. So if you want your home a purer woodsy scent, this will be your saving grace.

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3. Peppermint

You had to know this one was coming. Peppermint is a staple Christmas holiday scent. Not only is it in every drink at Starbucks and every hot cocoa you can find in the store, its scent puts a smile on anyone’s face. So grab a diffuser and pour that peppermint freely.

4. Cinnamon leaf

Cinnamon are not just for Thanksgiving. This scent carries into Christmas and stays lodged in our noses until the very end of the year. And for good reason. This sweet smell is so cozy and warm, it’ll keep you and your family in the holiday spirit without even trying—and you can use it even before Thanksgiving comes!

5. Orange

If you want a little more depth to any of your spice scents, add a dab of orange to enrich and enhance the smell and give it just enough zing to satisfy you.

6. Clove bud

This essential oil will not only have your home smelling great, but it has some fantastic benefits for the holiday season. But the best and most useful benefit besides the Christmas scent is how it helps with digestion for all those heavy holiday favorites like turkey, ham, potatoes and more.

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7. Nutmeg

Like cinnamon, this essential oil is a classic for the holidays. This sweet and savory scent will send your holiday spirits soaring, especially if you mix it with cinnamon, ginger, or orange essential oil.

8. Ginger

Another great scent to mix and mingle with other scents to give depth to your favorite holiday smells. Just like orange, it will enhance and enrich any scent you pair it with, but especially lovely spices like nutmeg.

Those are all the essential scents and oils you need to get into the holiday spirit. So go down to your favorite store and pick up a few to start mixing, matching, and enjoying.