10 Winsome Ways to Boost Your Christmas Spirit


It’s not uncommon to find that your Christmas spirit hasn’t made an appearance yet, but you can jumpstart the season with a few handy tricks.

Christmas time is accompanied with pressure of buying gifts, exchanging greetings and meeting your extended family. All these can prevent you from feeling the delight of the holiday.

However, Christmas is not only about pressure. It’s an opportunity to spend time with people you love and celebrate the birth of Christ. There’s no reason to be a Scrooge this holiday season. Read on to find out 10 instant ways to boost your Christmas spirit.

1. Magic peppermint flavor

The peppermint flavor will pull you back to the holidays and remind you of the wonderful flavors that are yet to come. Eating a candy cane is the perfect way to get that holiday spirit flowing.

Candy canes are one of the most wide-spread symbols of Christmas. Many people believe that candy canes bear a great religious meaning.

Originally used as Christmas tree decorations, candy canes are surrounded by numerous beliefs and legends. Some people think that candy canes are the symbol of Christianity, since the shape, the colors and flavor imply a great religious meaning. Anyway, candy canes are an integral part of the holiday season and they can bring the spirit of Christmas long before the holiday.

2. Watch a Christmas movie

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie to watch over and over each year. Choose a movie that you watched when you felt the Christmas spirit. If you’re still not sure what to enjoy, try The Polar Express for a good dose of Santa magic.

A good movie may be just the ticket to wake up your Christmas genes. Prep some snacks and curl up under warm blankets with your family to enjoy a good Christmas movie. Watching your favorite movie is a nice way to spend a quality time with your family smiling and laughing in front of the screen.

3. Enjoy some carols

Listening to Christmas carols is a surefire way to make you feel like it’s finally holiday time. Listen to your favorites, or choose something new and different to get you in the mood. You can even enlist your friends to help out and have a Christmas karaoke party where everyone gets to belt out the tunes.

Fill your house with merry tunes while cooking a festive dinner, decorating Christmas tree or chatting with your family members. Heartwarming sounds of your favorite songs will help to create cozy and warm Christmas atmosphere.

4. Light a scented candle

Light up your home with candles to get into the spirit of Christmas. Don’t restrict yourself to dinner candles only. Consider placing candle jars and pillar candles all around the house for a more festive and elegant atmosphere.

Using scented candles is the surest way to fill your home with the flavor of Christmas. What smells most like the holidays to you? For some, it’s the scent of fresh pine. For others, peppermint does the trick.

Whatever scent you associate most with the holiday season should be available in a candle and will help transport you back in time to happy memories of the holiday. Flameless scented candles are an indispensable option if your house is full of little kids.

5. Have fun

Being busy with Christmas preparations you often forget to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family members. No matter how big your to-do list is, you should carve out some time to get in touch with people you love and have fun together.

Head to a hot chocolate tasting, go sledding or hit a Christmas party with your friends. Whatever you enjoy doing, make sure you do it during the holidays so you can truly have fun in between the rush to finish gift shopping and decorating.

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6. Put up the tree

Most people decide to set up a Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, thus you have plenty of time to get into the spirit of the holiday. If your tree isn’t up yet and you aren’t in the mood for Santa, it might take forcing yourself to put it up and decorate it to get things moving.

Even a little tree will make a space look cozier and will bring back warm memories. If you have kids, you can turn Christmas tree decorating into a fun family activity.

It’s really easy to get inspired and feel the atmosphere with the variety of Christmas tree decorating ideas, themes and DIY crafts. Try to vary classy red and gold Christmas colors and opt for unusual decorations such as family photos, cotton or paper decorations.

7. Skip the shopping crowds

I’m just in love with hustle and bustle of last-minute Christmas shopping, but many people feel stressed and depressed because of it. You need to get gifts for everyone, but the crowds at the mall are bound to kill your holiday spirit.

If you’re totally depressed with shopping crowds, try to avoid November and December sales. Instead, try shopping early if you can, or just order everything online. Don’t wait till the last moment to prepare Christmas gifts.

Make a gift list and keep your eyes open for a necessary item long before the holiday season. Making your own gifts is another option that helps you get in the mood.

8. Make others believe in miracles

While a lot of people will leave their cities and countries to visit their kinsfolk, most people will spend this wonderful time alone. Christmas spirit often stirs up people to display helpfulness and compassion. Head to a retirement home or a homeless shelter to help out and spread some holiday cheer.

You may not be feeling it, but you will be after you’ve sung carols with a group of children in the cancer ward at the hospital or decorated a senior citizen’s room. Volunteers are always needed somewhere. Lending a helping hand is not about spending money or time, but even a little help on Christmas Eve will make people believe in miracles.

9. Enjoy a cup of eggnog

Nothing says Christmas like a tasty mug of eggnog. It’s a traditional Christmas drink that many people look forward to each December. A classy eggnog recipe with alcohol and plenty of warming spices like nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon can be a great spirit booster on a cold winter evening.

You can make your own or just buy some from the store. If you decide to make eggnog at home, try to deviate from the traditional flavor and consider a couple of fresh recipes with chocolate, cider, or opt for vegan eggnog.

Serve your drink with delicious winter sweets like marshmallow, candy corn and cupcakes. A little bit of rum in the eggnog can help get into the spirit of the holiday.

10. Build a snowman

Building a snowman may look like a fun activity for children, but who says you can’t enjoy it as an adult? Dress warmly and head out to build a snowman in your front yard.

Building a snowman on your own can be a bit boring, so invite your neighbors or friends to help you and have a great time together. Dress him up and add a carrot nose, then jump on a sled and enjoy a childhood pastime for a while. Finish up your chilly afternoon with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows when you get home.

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Christmas cheer may take time to show up, but if you provide plenty of opportunities, it will. Don’t focus on everything you have to do, focus on the actual season. You’ll open yourself up to more when you allow a little down time in between the shopping and cooking.

What’s your favorite way to boost your Christmas spirit?