10 Brilliant Christmas Party Ideas


Christmas is just around the corner and people start planning out their celebrations, presents and ways to have a great holiday time. For most people Christmas is a time of numerous parties and engagements. However, Christmas parties can all start to blend together after a while, so it’s a good idea to make yours stand out. Make your Christmas celebration a unique one with a few bright ideas.

1. Sparkling centerpiece

When you can’t untangle your twinkle lights, just shove them into a vase or a fishbowl and light them up. It will look like you did it on purpose. Of course, you could always put perfectly good lights into a vase, as well. It gives a unique effect, particularly if you dim the main lights. For a more vibrant and elegant centerpiece, try to wind twinkle lights over a decorative small tree. Light up the festive venue by placing twinkle lights all over the house. Apart from glass vases you can use mason jars, glass bottles of all sizes and shapes, mugs or wooden baskets.