7 Fascinating Christmas Dorm Room Decorating Ideas


It’s the greatest pleasure to decorate our home before Christmas. But this process of preparation may get complicated when speaking about your dorm room. You can face some definite obstacles while decorating it for Christmas.

The main challenge is a lack of money. And you also can’t fulfill all your creative ideas due to the small space of the room. That’s why to take into consideration the following recommendations before you start decorating your dorm.

Don’t forget that your room and decorations represent your state of mind and holiday spirits. So try your best and enjoy decorating the room.

1. Prepare a Christmas Tree

It isn’t easy to imagine Christmas without a special tree. When you prepare your dorm room for Christmas, first think about this green symbol of the holiday. No matter if you buy a real tree or get a fake one, your room will have a magnificent and festive look.

In case you can’t afford to buy a Christmas tree, give way to your imagination and creativity, make the tree from everything you like. You can use your old books or beer cans.

After that, you can think about bright decorations for your tree. You will have great fun if your roommates help you with decorations.

2. Put Lights on Your Christmas Tree

Definitely, your tree will not look perfect without tiny sparkling lights. Don’t forget to use them while decorating the tree. There are so many various ideas for decorating the room with the help of lights.

For example, you can string them around your window or any other place in the room. It will look really fantastic if you spell out some special words with the lights. Besides, this decoration can make your dorm room brighter not only during Christmas but also throughout the whole semester.

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3. Mistletoe

Another symbol of the Christmas season is mistletoe. I like it so much. This magic plant can give you a nice opportunity to kiss the boy you like.

Make sure to hang it over your entrance door, and your friends will be pleased when it comes to you. Remember to kiss every person who is near you under the mistletoe. It’s a great way to feel Christmas joy and have fun.

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4. Choose the Appropriate Color Scheme

The most important thing you should keep in mind while decorating the dorm room is the color scheme you choose. Even if the decorations you use are not expensive, you have all the chances to make your room look fabulous.

For that, you need to choose the proper color spectrum. The most popular and traditional colors of this holiday are green and red. That doesn’t mean you should avoid any other colors for your decorations.

It’s a splendid idea to add whatever you like; be sure it matches the colors of your room. Different tones of green and red are preferable. Neon shades are also often used.

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5. Give Festive Flavor to your Room

For most people, Christmas is associated not only with bright and cheerful decorations but also with some specific smell that is present in the air during the holiday. Use candles to provide your room with a pleasant festive scent. When you buy candles for Christmas, you will get two things in one: a lovely decoration and a wonderful source of festive flavor.

Nowadays, there is an enormous choice of scented candles which at the same time look like a Christmas tree or Santa Claus or any other thing representing this holiday. Place them around your dorm room, and you will feel an amazing Christmas atmosphere.

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6. Add Some Christmas Music

It’s a wonderful decision to listen to some Christmas tunes when you decorate the room, celebrate the holiday, or enjoy the company of your friends. Christmas music will enable you to feel the fantastic spirit of this occasion. It will make your Christmas moments unforgettable.

You can listen to some popular holiday tunes, those which you know from movies and of course some new which will certainly suit your tastes. Also, consider your friends’ likes and desires.

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7. Wrap It Up

I’m sure that numerous presents wrapped in bright and colorful paper will help you decorate your dorm room in a glorious way. You can put cute boxes with presents near the Christmas tree or around your bed.

Both variants are perfect. Your friends will be greatly fascinated if you invite them to your room and give them special presents.

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I hope these tips will help you make brilliant decorations for your dorm room at Christmas, and at the same time, you will save some money for holiday entertainment.

Did you like these ideas? Which of them will you choose for decorating your room? What do you usually use to prepare the dorm for Christmas? Share your creative ways of Christmas decorations.