10 Fantastic Ways to Spend Christmas Eve


The one of the greatest holidays is approaching. We count days when Christmas comes and of course think of how to celebrate it. We all desire to have a magical and festive atmosphere around us, to have fun and, of course, be with our nearest and dearest.

If you haven`t decided a new extraordinary way to celebrate Christmas, I will try to help you. Look through this list and I hope you will find an ideal variant for you.

1. Shopping day

I don`t mean by that going into a store and spending the whole day there as well as all your money. Not at all. I will tell you the main principle and you may verify, change and adjust it to your company.

Go shopping with one or two people but set a certain limit of money each of you can spend. But don`t make it more than $20-30 as will be not very interesting then.

The goal is to spend all the money and buy as much things as you can. Wrap them as a gift and present to each other. You can make it in a form of a competition who will buy more or whose gift-set will be the best.