11 Easy and Cheap Christmas Crafts


If you are on a tight budget and looking for inexpensive Christmas crafts, this post is for you! I have some new ideas for beautiful Christmas crafts! You can make them with your children or by yourself.

I promise you will enjoy them either way. I like how affordable and easy each of these Christmas crafts are. Without further ado, here are 11 easy and cheap Christmas crafts you can make.

1. Paper snowflakes

No matter whether you are a child or an adult, paper snowflakes are always fun to make! I’m sure everyone likes paper snowflakes!

If you don’t know how to make cute paper snowflakes keep reading. Take a cookie cutter and use it to trace out a solid shape onto card-stock paper.

Sprinkle a little glitter glue all over your snowflakes and let dry for several minutes. Punch a hole in the top then tie on a colorful ribbon.

2. Paper chains

When I was a kid, I’d liked to make paper chains, and what about you? Now I still enjoy making it! Paper chains are one of the easiest and cheapest Christmas crafts, which never go out of style.

With a paper chain you can do so many beautiful things! Take patterned scrapbook paper and cut out some links then glitter glue to secure them.

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3. Tree garland

My kids enjoy making their own tree garlands. It’s one of the easiest and most beautiful Christmas crafts for both kids and adults. Trace Christmas trees onto felt using a cookie cutter.

Cut them out, then glue many-coloured beads all over the tree. Take a ribbon and use clothes pegs to secure the trees at different sections. This tree garland brings cozy feeling to any room!

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4. Christmas candle

Christmas candle is another simple and inexpensive Christmas crafts in my post today. This Christmas candle is good especially for very small children. It’s very cute, and certainly it will bring a touch of holiday cheer to any house!

Take a clear glass votive holder. Now take stickers and use it to decorate however you like. Place a candle inside, and Christmas candle is ready!

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5. Snowmen

All children like snowmen, so making a snowman is the best way to occupy your kids on a snowy winter’s day! Take cotton balls, an empty toilet paper rolls, cardboard, bits of felt, paint, and glue.

Paint the cardboard white, and then cut it into a circle or oval shape. Secure the toilet paper roll standing up off to the side. Now, take the cotton balls and use it to create snowman then glue them down in the spots you’d like.

Cut out the tree from the felt and glue them to both side of the toilet paper roll. You can also use scraps of felt to decorate your snowman.

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6. Gumdrops galore

It is the easiest and probably the sweetest Christmas craft you can make! You will need some gumdrops and toothpicks. Fill up 5 of the toothpicks with small gumdrops.

Leave the tip sticking out at one end. Take one large gumdrops and stick the toothpicks in it all the way around, forming a star. Now you have one of the sweetest Christmas crafts!

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7. Felt designs

If you have children, you know how they like to make easy Christmas crafts. Felt designs could be made by any child! Let your child draw any design (Santa, Snowman, tree, reindeer) onto felt then cut it out.

Now, let your child use glue, markers, buttons, sticker, beads to decorate it. Punch a hole in the top and tie on a colorful ribbon.

8. Felt holly corsage

Are you looking to craft something unique for this Christmas but don’t have time? Well, try this cheerful corsage that requires only several on-hand materials and takes a few minutes to make – great for both you and your children. You will need wool felt, about 18 by 18 inches, in different colors, ribbon, holly template, hot-glue gun, iron, assorted embellishments and a brooch pin or barrette.

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Start with printing the template and cutting out. Cut out one 2 ½ by 5-inch felt rectangle for every pair of leaves, and fold it in half lengthwise. Now crease it with an iron set to wool.

Trace the template using a folded rectangle and cut out the shape. Unfold your rectangle. In order to make the four-leaf design, cross 2 felt shapes and attach at the center using a low-temp glue gun.

For the two-leaf design, dab a little glue at the center of one felt shape and fold it angling the leaves. Now, glue desired embellishments to the front and a barrette or a bar pin to the back.

9. Toy ornaments

Sure, hanging your child’s old toys on your Christmas tree will spread joy. You will be happy to have less clutter, and the old toys will be happy to be used in a good way.

Ask your child to help choose which toys to transform. Then use embroidery thread and needleto hang. Just insert screw eyes into your wooden toys, stitch through soft toys, or try winding embroidery thread through an opening.

10. Delicious Garlands

I love these tasty garlands since they are so easy to make. Cranberry and popcorn garlands are my favorites. For these garlands it’s better to take waxed floss because it is strong and slick, so popcorn and cranberries will slide on easily.

Tie a knot in the one end of a piece of your floss and then thread a needle onto the other. Pierce through the berries and kernels and slip them on.

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11. Gilded pinecones

To make amazingly beautiful gilded pinecones, all you need to do is simply dip pinecones in gold paint, let them dry (at least 1 day, even better 2 days), and then use them in plenty of ways. I usually use them as my Christmas tree and table decorations.

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With this Christmas craft ideas, it’s easy to boost your Christmas spirit and keep your little ones busy. If you celebrate Christmas alone, you may also like these festive crafts.

So, which of these Christmas crafts would you like to make? I know they are all beautiful, but I’m going to make the garland tree myself.

Do you have any other creative Christmas craft ideas? Share them with us please.