10 Adorable DIY Christmas Card Ideas


Christmas is coming and we all are ready to dive into the lovely bustle of holiday preparations. What to wear, how to decorate the tree and the venue, what to give to your loved ones… there are so many important things to consider.

Sure, you cannot forget about sending Christmas cards, an integral part of a holiday season. While stores are teeming with breathtaking variety of Christmas cards, you can easily do it at home.

Homemade cards are more personal, appealing and heartwarming than off-the-shelf goods. I’ve come up with a few amazing and simple DIY card ideas for you to make the most beautiful greeting cards this Christmas.

1. Photo cards

Photo card is truly the easiest DIY card idea that you can do at home. Photo cards are extremely evocative and meaningful; they’ll remind the person of the important moments of your life and great times you had together.

You can use the portrait of the recipient, but it would be better if you find the picture where you’re together. Write your wishes on the back of the card and frame it with holiday pattern such as snowflakes or Holly leaves.