10 Adorable DIY Christmas Card Ideas


Christmas is coming and we all are ready to dive into the lovely bustle of holiday preparations. What to wear, how to decorate the tree and the venue, what to give to your loved ones… there are so many important things to consider.

Sure, you cannot forget about sending Christmas cards, an integral part of a holiday season. While stores are teeming with breathtaking variety of Christmas cards, you can easily do it at home.

Homemade cards are more personal, appealing and heartwarming than off-the-shelf goods. I’ve come up with a few amazing and simple DIY card ideas for you to make the most beautiful greeting cards this Christmas.

1. Photo cards

Photo card is truly the easiest DIY card idea that you can do at home. Photo cards are extremely evocative and meaningful; they’ll remind the person of the important moments of your life and great times you had together.

You can use the portrait of the recipient, but it would be better if you find the picture where you’re together. Write your wishes on the back of the card and frame it with holiday pattern such as snowflakes or Holly leaves.

2. 3D cards

Photo: coconut wireless

3D greeting card will definitely be a very memorable and one-of-a kind memento to give to your loved ones. While most people associate 3D with cinematograph and computer games, you can achieve 3D effect when making a holiday card of your own.

Prepare plenty of pleated paper rectangles of different sizes and glue them inside the card in the shape of a Christmas tree. When a person opens the card, the rectangles will pop out like real spruce twigs. By using many layers of the same detail you’ll achieve a 3D effect.

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3. Rickrack cards

Rickrack Christmas cards are so easy to make that even your children can assist you! Rickrack is a wavy cotton stripe that can be easily transformed in various Christmas sundries like snowflakes, candy canes, flowers, Christmas trees and whatever you want!

You can even try to make Christmas wishes using rickrack. Use rickrack as the main element of the holiday card or use it as a complementary decorative item.

4. Glitter cards

Photo: Stampendous

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a holiday card covered with thousands of sparkles! A touch of glitter will surely make your holiday card super special and appealing. To make a glitter card you’ll need a colored piece of paper, glue and glitter of you favorite color.

Now you need to draw a pattern with a glue stick and sprinkle glitter over the card to cover the glue. Or, you can buy metallic paper and cut out the stars, Christmas trees or whatever you want and glue it to the holiday card. Write down the greeting on the back side of your Christmas card.

5. Embossed cards

Absolutely elegant and sophisticated, embossed Christmas cards will definitely rejoice the receiver on Christmas Eve! Embossing technique is a bit complicated to perform at home, that’s why you can find a necessary postcard in the store and use it as a basis of your own holiday card.

Use your imagination or look for interesting ideas on the Internet to create a marvelous design. Stock up on embossing powder that comes in various colors including translucent, metallic or opaque to accomplish the greeting card.

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6. Ribbon cards

Don’t overlook ribbons while stocking up on craft supplies! Smart holiday ribbons are the perfect complement to the Christmas card. They can be used along or as an additional embellishment to your greeting card.

Ribbons are greatly versatile; they appear in different colors and patterns and you can glue, tap or even sew them to the postcard. Use green ribbons to create Christmas tree or just contour the holiday card with the contrast ribbon.

7. Pop-up cards

Photo: kiertoidea

Pop-up Christmas cards are so wonderful and easy to make that even your 5-year-old kid can help you. Consider making pop-up cards for your close people to arouse a smile and delight on their faces!

To start with you’ll need scissors, colored paper and glue. You need to cut out a pattern inside the card like a snowman, a reindeer or a Christmas tree. Complement the card with a nice heartwarming greeting for the person you love.

8. Gift cards

What can be more surprising and lovelier than a cute little gift inside the card? Browse the Internet to find a desirable Christmas clip-art. It can be a snowman, a Christmas tree or a holiday wreath.

You can also use your own template. When you finish the card and put down the wishing on the inside of the card, use a festive ribbon to tie on the clip-art to the card or just glue it in the front part of your holiday card.

9. Holly cards

One of my favorite DIY Christmas card ideas is a Holly card. To make a Holly card you have to find a template of a Holly leaf or draw your own leaf. Use this pattern to cut out a plenty of colored leaves of various colors.

Glue the leaves to the card so that it looks like a sprig of a Holly tree. Use brown and red cardboard to make a branch and berries. Since this Christmas card is rather 3-dimensional, you’d better give it by hand.

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10. Snowflake cards

You’ll need an origami paper to make a stunning holiday snowflake card. Use various templates to cut patterns out of the paper and glue them to the card. Get your family involved in this gripping activity and let your children create their own winter snowflake patterns.

You can also use paper snowflakes to adorn windows, walls and tie them up to the ceiling. While snowflakes are typically white, you can also use golden, silver and glittery red paper.

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Despite the magnificent variety of commercial postcards, many people like making their own holiday cards. Making your own Christmas card is a smart way to save some dollars on more important things and add a personal touch to the postcard. Give the aforementioned ideas a try and make the most beautiful Christmas card for your loved ones this year!