7 Wonderful Christmas Morning Traditions


All people accept Christmas as a mixture of entertainment, delight, presents, cheer, family, and festivity. We have a great choice of things which we can do during Christmas morning.

Certainly, there are common traditions which are observed in every family. But still, you can stick to your own ways of celebrating Christmas morning, which will be peculiar only to your family.

You can try some new ideas that will help you to make this special morning more vivid and bright. Here are some interesting Christmas morning traditions which can be really helpful for you.

1. Open Your Present under the Tree

If you didn’t have such a tradition before, it’s a nice opportunity to start it by opening your present under the Christmas tree this year. Let all the family members find their cherished gifts under the tree and open them in the morning.

Certainly, your children will get enormous pleasure from that process. That is the key point of the holiday for them.

2. Wait Patiently for Your Turn

Don’t be hasty trying to get and open your gift on Christmas morning. It must be a unique moment. Wait for it patiently.

Give an opportunity for other family members to open their presents first. If you really want to keep this Christmas tradition, remember that first, you have a delicious festive breakfast, add religious prayer and after, enjoy your presents.

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3. Distribute the Presents

Spend this holiday morning distributing presents to your family members. You should start this process just after breakfast.

Make it some special moment filled with great love for your close people. Call out their names, give their presents and show how precious they are to you.

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4. Inspire Your Kid Write the Letter to Santa

Show your kids that this holiday is a real miracle, that all dreams may come true on this special day. Ask them to write the letter to Santa and list their wishes in it.

You can also involve other members of your family in that process. Make them write about the most fantastic and incredible moments they experienced during Christmas time.

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5. Have a Video Chat with Your Relatives

To my mind, Christmas is the best moment when you can find time for those who are so much important to you. Connect your friends and relatives and give them your heartwarming wishes.

Nowadays, the Internet is the fastest and most convenient way for that. Have a video chat with your close people whom you haven’t seen for a long time.

Make it a tradition for your family and observe it every Christmas morning. I’m convinced that your whole family will be greatly satisfied with such communication.

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6. Invite Guests to Your Home

Surely Christmas is a family holiday. But you should also share this festive delight with others. That’s why invite some friends or relatives for a traditional Christmas breakfast.

During this occasion, you will have a good chance to communicate, have fun and relax with your friends. In order to entertain your guests, you can offer them interesting Christmas games or singing carols.

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7. Make Gingerbread House

This is an incredible idea to enjoy Christmas morning with your family. First, you have breakfast and, after have fun making a gingerbread house.

Avoid using pre-made sets. Let your family unite their efforts and do that together. This activity will certainly provide unforgettable memories for you.

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What are your Christmas morning traditions? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.