11 Surprising Reasons Why People Say No to Marriage


Devoting your life to a particular person is an amazing thing, but there are still some reasons why people say no to marriage. Sometimes we want kids and husbands so much and do not realize how someone can live the whole life never having this. A woman who says she does not want to get married is often told she will ‘change her mind,’ but this is not always true. Check out 11 reasons why people say no to marriage, in spite of the happiness it brings.

1. Divorce

It’s a fact that 50% of all marriages come to divorce. This claim I have been hearing every year now and whilst I want to verify the truth of it, many people consider marriage as too perilous and divorce is a thing they do not want to experience. Some do that in order to avoid the quarrel of dividing up their belongings, property, finances, and fighting for the tutelage of their kids.

2. Bad past experiences

When your ex-boyfriend has cheated on you, it’s always hard to trust someone else. If you find the man of your dreams, you will be skeptical. You were sure you loved the previous guy you dated, but the relationship finished. What treats make your new boyfriend different? Unfortunately, many people suppose that the next relationship is going to be exactly like the previous one.

3. Finances

Sometimes we think that getting married is better for the finances when both will be working. Though, some people consider buying a house, a wedding, providing for a family, and having children as extremely expensive things for them. This can seem not a strong reason for not having your own family, but for some, marriage is really a very costly pleasure!

4. Surrounded by divorce

With each year the divorce rate increases. When you have never seen a marriage, that hasn’t ended in divorce, it is difficult to believe in eternal love. Nobody desires to repeat the mistakes of the parents or any other people surrounding them, that’s why they might just give up this idea. People can also remain single in order to avoid paperwork and pain in the future. One more reason why we refuse to get married is that we simply do not want to go through the heartbreak later.

5. Scared of being a bad spouse

When you are bad in the bedroom, office, or kitchen, then you might be afraid of sharing your life with someone. You are sure a person can please you, but could you please him in return? Sometimes we think that we couldn’t satisfy our beloved emotionally, physically, or financially. And if you truly love the man you date, you do not want to destroy his life. Refusing to get married can be an option to save the partner from the troubles you could bring later.

6. Marriage certificate

One more reason why people do not want to get married is that they already feel like they are just without the marriage certificate. A lot of couples have children, live together, share responsibilities and finances, and they think they do not need to make the ceremony.

7. Career

If you put in a lot of effort, you could have both: a successful career and a happy family, but some people would rather concentrate on one thing. Everyone has different priorities. There are people who love reading bedtime stories to kids, whilst others would prefer to work in the office. Some enjoy cuddling with their husbands when others just flirt harmlessly with their colleagues. All people have their own outlook on life.

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8. Enjoy single life

When you enjoy one night flirts or love partying with friends, marriage is absolutely not for you. There are people who do not want to devote their life to an average routine when there are lots of nice guys or girls out there. It’s not necessary to be just with one. When you want to date many men, go ahead and do it. But allow your men to know where your body has been and where your mind is for not hurting them in the future.

9. Scared of commitment

There are people who do not have a desire to stay in one relationship for their entire life. It can be scary to realize that you won’t ever go on another first date and have another first kiss. Such people are not always single, it just means that they do not want to belong to one particular person. Thinking you have no other alternative can be horrifying. When you are always afraid of something, then marriage is not your option.

10. It’s illegal

Sometimes people do not want to refuse to get married — they just can not do it. When a woman desires to marry another woman, such marriage is forbidden in some states. In spite of the love they feel, they couldn’t get an official marriage certificate. By the time the laws change, you have to stay unmarried. And if you want to share your life with someone of the opposite gender, it’s better to put it off until everyone has even rights.

11. Freedom

Sometimes we decide to stay single since we love our freedom. I don’t mean the freedom to date whom we like, but also not being responsible for anyone. Getting married often means forgetting all the things you got used to doing and your friends being single, which is just not worth it sometimes. Perhaps, it sounds selfish, but there are people who value their freedom more than anything else.

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If you have been dreaming of being a bride since you were a little girl, I believe you respect people who have another point of view on marriage. Are you planning to get married in the future? If not, please share your reasons.