9 Non-Traditional Ways to Spend This Christmas


Non-traditional ways of celebrating Christmas are weird to think of at times, especially when you got used to spend it in a particular way, but such celebration can also bring great memories! As for my family, we have always spent the holiday in a traditional way, but if you are looking for some new ideas take a look at these few tips. I hope you will find them helpful and will spend your Christmas in a special and unforgettable way!

1. Go on vacation

This way is my favorite! This year don’t celebrate Christmas at home. Take a suitcase with everything you need for a small trip and go ahead!

The idea can be either a small house somewhere up in the mountains, a health resort, or some other preferences. It’s up to you, but it will be a non-traditional way of spending Christmas because an ordinary one requires staying at home.

2. Volunteer

What do you think about taking all members of the family to volunteer at a local church or orphanage on this holiday? Surely, it’s an amazing and non-traditional idea for celebrating Christmas! Just imagine how everybody in the shelter will appreciate your assistance, peculiarly on such holiday.

3. Help others celebrate Christmas

It became a tradition for our family to help people on Christmas. Each year we try to please those for whom celebrating Christmas is an extremely expensive thing, and help this dream come true.

Usually, we purchase a Christmas tree for them, some food and presents. It’s an enjoyable thing, and I believe you will also like doing it.

4. Forget about gift exchange

This one is the most common non-traditional idea to spend Christmas. If your family is quite big, giving presents is too costly, that’s why this option is also nice for the budget. The best you can do is to go all together and see a game, a concert or go to a restaurant and everybody will be satisfied.

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5. Change up the main course

It’s known that a traditional Christmas food is usually turkey or ham, but this time try something new. Cook a chicken instead, or probably enjoy a big brunch.

Seafood would be also great! There are lots of non-traditional alternatives in the meal departments!

6. Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas

Perhaps, it’s the best non-traditional way to celebrate Christmas. Simply have the 12 days of Christmas and you won’t have to present gifts to every member of your family when the holiday comes.

Each day for 12 days in December, please everybody with a little present. Also, it shouldn’t be big or costly. My mom always did it when my brothers and I were younger, we enjoyed this!

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7. Go cultural

This is a lovely non-traditional way to spend Christmas! You can choose any country with your family, and spend the holiday in the same style!

Start with decorating the house like people in this country do, then cook its traditional Christmas meal, and pick up the customs you would like to fulfill during the festive season! Be sure, it will become an unforgettable experience for everybody.

8. Give the gift of thought

Next idea of spending Christmas in a cheap and non-traditional way is presenting either the gift of time or thought. The gift of thought means that every family member should present a gift with attached thought, like favorite cookies with the recipe included or things like making a massage, washing the dishes for two weeks or taking out the garbage.

The gift of time means that everyone should present something handmade. This can be cards, easy crafts, artwork or sewed things.

9. Do something as a family

One more marvelous tip for spending Christmas is doing something together with your family! Put on your own Christmas show or make something for the city parade, or organize a cookie sale and give the money to the charity. The result can surprise you since doing something together can be so enjoyable!

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Now you know some of my top non-traditional ideas to spend Christmas this year. Hopefully, you will find something useful for yourself and could create a magical holiday! Sure, there are many more various ways to spend Christmas and the list can continue and continue!

What about your favorite non-traditional ways to spend Christmas?