9 Easy and Budget-Friendly Easter Decoration Ideas


After a cold winter, Easter and any signs of spring that are associated with it are much more welcomed. And with Easter fast approaching you might want to add a festive touch to your house for the holiday.

These easy Easter decoration ideas can add a sweet touch to any home. You shouldn’t spend a lot of money, as these ideas are really budget-friendly. Let your little ones help you with them. They can suggest a few unique Easter decoration ideas as well.

1. Outdoor Easter egg tree

If you have trees outside your home, decorate them with eggs. Tie decorative ribbons around plastic eggs and hang them from the tree branches. Ask your kids to help you decorate your trees.

Most children enjoy decorating Christmas trees, so they will be happy to decorate Easter egg trees too. This year I’m going to decorate my trees with plastic Easter eggs, and you?

2. Indoor Easter egg tree

Make your own Easter egg tree and display eggs on it inside your house. Take some tree branches from outside, clip them, and insert them into floral foam. Tie decorative ribbons around plastic eggs and hang them from the branches. Place the tree anywhere that you think is appropriate.

3. Easter egg garland

Make egg garland and string it throughout your home. Cut egg shapes out of colored construction paper. If you want, you can embellish them with glitter or markers. Make small holes on each side of the eggs.

Now string the eggs onto a length of ribbon. You can display the egg garland over doorways in order to add a festive touch to your house.

4. Easter egg wreath

This Easter decoration idea will surely give the guests a warm welcome into the house. Make an Easter egg wreath and hang it on your front door. You can also buy a read-made egg wreath if you can’t make it yourself.

If you decide to make your own Easter egg wreath, then purchase some plastic Easter eggs and a straw wreath form. Using a hot glue gun, attach the Easter eggs to the wreath and you will have a beautiful wreath in a matter of an hour.

5. Flower and candy centerpiece

Another easy and budget-friendly Easter decoration idea is the candy and flower centerpiece. Start with filling up a glass vase with colored candies and then set a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers, such as daffodils, tulips, or lilies, into the vase. Such a centerpiece will definitely add a spring touch to your Easter table.

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6. Egg centerpiece

The Easter table is not complete without an egg centerpiece. So grab a clear vase and fill it with a variety of colorful plastic Easter eggs. You can make some paper Easter eggs to save money on plastic ones. I usually add some Easter grass between the eggs, you can try it too.

7. Easter mini basket

Easter mini basket is a great and cheap idea for your table. Just wrap a thin, colorful ribbon around a small basket, use a small dab of hot glue to secure, and glue on a tiny pearl bead. You can fill your mini basket with jelly beans or small eggs in colors that coordinate with your table.

8. Flower arrangements in eggshells

Small flower arrangements inside eggshells will make any Easter table bloom. Start with breaking an egg at the top of its shell, then drain the contents, rinse out the inside, fill it with water and place it in an eggcup. Put your favorite flowers into eggshells and enjoy the beauty.

9. Lots of flowers

Its spring and flowers should be a central focus of Easter! Add a festive touch to your house for the holiday by bringing in plenty of flowers. Lilies, daffodils, and tulips are quite lovely flowers that are associated with the holiday. Place your flowers around your house to make it smell better.

Easter is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your family. Whether you want to make your own decorations or you simply need to decorate your house for the holiday, don’t do it alone. Ask your partner, child, or friends to help you. You will have lots of fun together!

Which of these easy and budget-friendly Easter decoration ideas do you want to try? Do you have any other ideas? Share them with us, please.