10 Best Vitamin C Rich Foods to Eat More This Spring


All of us know how essential Vitamin C is for our immune system health. Vitamin C is also needed for normal growth and repair of body tissues. The best way to get enough Vitamin C is through food like fruit, berries and vegetables. Fortunately, there are many Vitamin C rich foods that we can consume every day to stay healthy this spring season.

In fact, it’s important to keep a great supply of these foods in the fridge all year round, but especially in spring, when many people suffer from vitamin C deficiency. Enjoy learning about delicious Vitamin C rich foods to eat more this spring and make sure you consume a few of them daily.

1. Cherries

Rich in Vitamin C, cherries are a great natural healer. Consuming cherries helps improve immunity, prevent inflammation, and they can even help you sleep better.

Snack on cherries raw, add them to your smoothies, or make an ice cream with raw or frozen cherries and bananas in the blender. Yummy!