7 Easter Foods That Are Popular around the World


For many people, Easter is one of the most important religious holidays, and it is usually associated with colored eggs and lovely bunnies. This is also a great family holiday that we annually celebrate with people we love.

The first thing we should do on this day visits early church services, and only then we can have fun with our family and friends. You can hardly imagine an Easter celebration without numerous tasty and festive dishes that are cooked for this special occasion in every home. There are a lot of traditional Easter foods around the world.

In spite of their incredible popularity, these foods differ from country to country. If you want to please your family with delicious Easter foods and make this holiday unforgettable, I recommend you to include one of the following dishes on your menu this year.

1. Easter Eggs

Surely, Easter eggs are the first food that comes to our mind when we think about this wonderful holiday. Easter eggs are believed to be an incarnation of new life that Jesus Christ got on Easter Sunday.

It’s not the taste that makes this food one of the most favorite and preferable Easter treats. It’s all about their religious significance and the joy we get while painting eggs before the holiday. Children adore this special preparation, that’s why you should try to involve them in this cheerful activity.

It will fill your home with a warm and delightful atmosphere so that this event will be memorable for you. Besides, various chocolate eggs and chicks are available at most supermarkets these days.

2. Hot Cross Buns

I should say that these sweet rolls have become the symbol of Easter, and they are chosen as a favorite food for this unique holiday. Usually, these yummy buns are peppered with dried fruit or currants.

The main peculiarity of these Easter rolls is their iconic cross design that represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To make the cross, you can use icing, rice paper, or pastry. If you want to feel the perfect taste of cross buns, you’d better eat them hot or toasted.

3. Magiritsa Soup

In Greece, Magiritsa soup is the main course always served at Easter to breakfasting that was kept during Great Lent. To cook this food, you need lamb offal like liver, intestines, and heart.

However, some time ago, the lamb’s neck and head were used more often. Greeks consider this soup to be an ideal dish to start your Easter meal with. It is advisable to eat Magiritsa soup hot in order to appreciate its flavorous taste.

4. Simnel Cake

This pastry has a certain similarity with a cake that is traditionally baked for Christmas. Simnel cake has originated in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Don’t miss your chance to regale your family with this delicate fruit cake. Its major ingredient is marzipan which should be used for decoration on top and also inside. This dessert tastes perfect when toasted.

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5. Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs are an incredibly tasty sweet treat that kids, as well as adults, love and eat at Easter. From the simple chocolate shell to large masterpieces made by chocolatiers, chocolate eggs are a must at every holiday table.

Sure, for children, chocolate eggs come in each variety imaginable, from their favorite cartoon characters or film to their favorite candies. There are chocolate bunnies as well.

6. Colomba Pasquale (Easter Dove Bread)

This sweet bread is made in Italy to eat at Easter, and its recipe is almost the same as that of panettone, a traditional Christmas cake that is baked in every home. In contrast to panettone, this Easter bread doesn’t have raisins or candied peel inside.

Instead, you can top it with some almonds and pearl sugar. Being made in the shape of a dove Colomba stands out among the other Easter foods.

7. Lamb

Without a doubt, lamb is the food number one that you can see at the Easter table all over the world. Roasting is the best method to cook this meat.

Lamb is not just meat we use to create our favorite dishes; it has some symbolic meaning as it is considered to be sacred food for all Christians and Jews. For many years people have believed that the lamb is the embodiment of God’s protection given to chosen people.

I hope that this list of traditional Easter foods will be very useful for you, and you will certainly take it into consideration while compiling your festive menu. You should bear in mind that bread is the basic ingredient of these particular dishes, and you are supposed to apply the theme of new life to most of them.

All the countries of the world celebrate Easter in different ways that represent their national culture and traditions. So, you have a great opportunity to add something new to this holiday. Just don’t be afraid to change the traditions. What foods do you usually eat at Easter? Will you try any dish from the above list this year?

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