3 Steps to Your Perfectly Fun and Tasty Christmas Party


The Christmas season is a time for love, celebration, and the gathering of loved ones. It’s also a time when many people part ways with substantial chunks of their income. From small to large, holiday expenses add up quickly.

Christmas gifts, decorations, holiday feasts, charitable donations, and travel arrangements can decimate the contents of your wallet. However, one thing that does not have to cost a lot of money is hosting an entertaining Christmas party.

When throwing a party, we have a tendency to spend more cash on food that guests may not eat at all. If you have no idea how to host a fun Christmas party, here’s a little guide for you:

1. Eliminate wasted time and food

Just because you are throwing a party doesn’t mean you should spend the whole day in the kitchen. Surely, food usually plays a large and amazing part in any Christmas get-together and can cost the host quite a bit of money.

But, one way to relieve much of that burden, as well as diversify the meal, is to have something similar to a potluck. If you have a full guest list, which makes for a lot of mouths to feed, request that each person bring a dish. Ask that the contribution is something special that they most love to make and share with others.

This ensures that all guests have a delicious meal, the cost is minimal for each person, and your guests have the chance to experience a variety of foods made with love and attention. It also creates a beautiful meal that is sure to hold something for everyone. If you are going to invite kids, consider making kid-friendly meals and desserts to satisfy those little stomachs.

2. Consider your drink menu

In addition to the food, beverages are a necessary part of a lively party. If your menu begins to fill quickly, or if you have party-goers who prefer not to cook, ask for drinks instead of food. Just as with food, suggest they bring the makings for a tasty beverage, alcoholic or not, which they particularly enjoy.

Parties often have an overabundance of food, so this keeps the heaps of delicious fare at an appropriate level and rounds out the party. With the contributions of the party guests, the food and the drink are no problem for a large gathering.

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3. Plan your gift exchange

As much as they love food and drink, people love giving and receiving gifts during the holiday season. When you have a lot of family and friends, not a lot of money, and you still want to make sure no one is left out, have a dollar Christmas gift exchange.

This is a simple and fun way to exchange gifts with a large crowd without anyone having to break the bank. Each person brings one or two gifts that cost no more than a dollar. They should bring the gift wrapped and unintended for any specific person.

At some point during the party, gather everyone around the tree that hovers over the mounds of gifts. On your signal, each person grabs one gift from under the tree. The unwrapping of gifts is a hilarious event full of laughter and silliness.

After everyone opens, admires, plays with, and sometimes trades their gifts, it is time for another round. This carries on until the underside of the tree is unburdened of its offerings. This is an exciting and inexpensive way to enjoy a festive gift exchange with your family and friends.

While planning a successful Christmas party, consider these ideas to save a few dollars. Of course, you will have to consider some fun activities, but the best activity is to spend time together.

An obstacle such as expense should not prevent you from spending a beautiful holiday with as many of your friends and family as possible. Collaborate with your guests to create a joyful holiday gathering. You will have a celebration that is fun, diverse, and inexpensive.

Don’t let money ruin your Christmas spirit. Enjoy this holiday season to the fullest and start a new year feeling positive, happy, fresh, and ready to accomplish new goals. What is your biggest problem during the holiday season? Money or mood?