7 Fun Ways to Deal with the Post-Christmas Blues


Christmas is a wonderful and fun time of gifts, festive parties, and overindulgence, so it is no surprise that many of us feel the post-Christmas blues. The 3rd Monday in January is usually called the most depressing day of the entire year because it is cold, dark, and the day when we think of how to pay off our credit card bills.

However, it’s important not to despair since there are so many good things to enjoy. Check out the 7 best ways to overcome the post-Christmas blues!

1. Get ready for the New Year

One of the best ways to cope with your post-Christmas blues is to start preparing for the New Year! The New Year sales have plenty of Christmas trinkets and decorations.

Why not take advantage of it and stock up on presents for the next year? This could help make next Christmas less stressful!

2. Relax and recover

While the holiday season is full of fun, it is also extremely draining on you and your bank accounts! Spend January simply relaxing and recovering. Stay in with your favorite book or movie, a glass of good wine, and a bubble bath.

3. Don’t make yourself feel worse

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions most of us make include “cut out the alcohol,” “lose weight” and “get fit.” You should avoid making such resolutions.

You are already feeling blues after the holiday season so doesn’t make you feel even worse. You can make a resolution like “to look after yourself.” This sounds much better than “to lose weight.”

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4. Make plans with family and friends

The festive season is over, but there are many great things to look forward to. Just make plans with your family and friends so you’ll have something to focus on.

If your bank account has taken a beating in the month of December, don’t be sad. You can throw a ‘bring-a-dish’ dinner party with your family and friends. It’s a fun way to overcome the post-Christmas blues.

5. Think of a monthly subscription

While planning your New Year’s budget, don’t forget to include a monthly subscription to it. This can be a movie or magazine subscription. A magazine subscription is not as pricey as you think, but it will really help you cope with the post-Christmas blues.

6. Pursue a hobby

It can be anything from baking, fitness, to arts and crafts, just do what you like! If you don’t have any hobbies, why not try something absolutely new? For instance, cupcakes have been a popular hobby over the last several years, and the current trends are sewing and knitting.

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7. Start saving

This might sound boring, but saving is a practical way to overcome the post-Christmas blues. Have a good target in mind, for example, a holiday.

Do a little research online and choose the destination you want to visit next Christmas. This will help you start saving your money.

Keep in mind that you can always carry the Christmas spirit with you all year round. Don’t allow those blues to wear you down. How do you overcome the post-Christmas blues? Share your tips with us.