7 Smart Ideas for Christmas Wedding Presents


Nowadays it becomes more and more popular to arrange weddings at Christmas. Perhaps you were lucky enough to be invited to such a wedding ceremony and now you are trying to choose a lovely gift which should certainly appeal to a bride and a groom.

I hope that my ideas for Christmas wedding presents will help you to make a perfect choice and your gift is sure to be greatly appreciated. While looking for a special Christmas wedding gift you should keep in mind that it must be some stylish and useful thing.

I know that the items from my gift list are really admirable and loved by lots of people. That’s why it is reasonable to consider the following smart ideas for Christmas wedding presents. They can be helpful for you.

1. Champagne glasses for the first Christmas together

I think it’s a splendid idea to purchase glasses of champagne as a wedding present for a new couple. Such a gift will help them to create the romantic spirit of their first Christmas together. In addition, you can imprint some wishes on those glasses.

Try your best when choosing this present, make sure that the glasses are really of high quality. They should remind a couple of this great event for many years. It would be a nice decision to put a bottle of exquisite champagne together with the glasses.

2. Glass ornaments

If the people who have wedding are not your relatives or close friends but still you want to prepare a lovely present for them, you can certainly buy glass ornaments. These items are not expensive so much. Besides, I’m sure that the groom and bride will be amazed at such a gift.

There are different kinds of ornaments at the stores today. For example, they can be clear and colorful. Surely, clear ones will look more elegant and luxurious than colorful ones.

The present would be appealing if you decorate the ornaments with the names of the couple or some special phrase. Don’t be afraid that someone else can also make the same gift as you do.

The couple will be greatly pleased to receive one more beautiful ornament and hang it on their Christmas tree. Every time they look at it they will recollect the most precious moments of that special event.

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3. Decorated stockings

I can suggest to you another incredible idea for a fantastic Christmas wedding present. Purchase embroidered stockings and your gift are sure to be unique and unsurpassed.

You will find a great variety of these items at shops before Christmas. Silk stockings will look amazing. To accomplish their design you can add the bride and groom’s initials on them.

Before you start looking for this gift discover the color which will be prevailing in their decorations and try to buy something that will certainly match the color spectrum of their home. You’d better avoid red and green even though they are traditional and cheaper.

The most elegant colors which will provide the rich and perfect look for stockings are gold and silver and their various shades. And don’t forget about decorations such as embroidery with silk material and nice small beads.

If you didn’t manage to find such stockings don’t be upset. Purchase usual stockings at any store and after decorating them at some special places like Personal Creations.

4. A lovely mailbox

Certainly, a lot of new couples have a mailbox. But if you give them a new one which is perfectly decorated and looks much better than the old one, they will be extremely glad to receive such a gift.

You can give way to your imagination while choosing this present. For instance, a fir mailbox decorated with their house number and initials will look magnificent.

Another brilliant idea is a bright red mailbox with some special festive phrases. I’m sure that such things will make the couple smile and bring them cheer and holiday joy.

5. Christmas wreath

No doubt that everyone has seen those fascinating Christmas wreaths on the front door of almost every house. Very often they are specially designed for the owner of the house with initials or some significant words.

Personally, I adore these gorgeous symbols of Christmas. They always remind me of the cheerful and majestic holiday atmosphere. I would recommend you to be generous while choosing a front door wreath for the bride and groom, don’t try to find something cheap.

It can be even more sophisticated if you add some ribbons and bows for decoration. And keep in mind to put the couple’s initials on the wreath. There are so many good places where a great assortment of such items is available.

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6. An assortment of fine wines

If the bride and groom like exquisite wines you have a nice opportunity to satisfy their desires. Look for an exclusive wine assortment and purchase it for them. But be careful about the places where you buy wine.

You’d better find a gourmet wine supplier. Another wonderful idea which you can realize is a subscription to a special wine club.

Definitely, such a gift has an advantage as the couple can enjoy delicious fine wines all year round. Though, they will be extremely happy to have such a gift at Christmas time.

7. Christmas dishes

No matter if the couple has already bought beautiful tableware for their wedding reception you can also present them with a marvelous set of Christmas dishes which will surely appeal to them. Just try to purchase it in advance trying to combine the beauty, quality, and price of the items.

There is an abundance of specialized stores where you can buy such festive things. Besides, this gift can also be practical as in the future a wife will use Christmas dishes for the holidays making them special and delightful.

It would be great if you knew the color scheme of the couple’s new house. You would be able to pick the colors which can perfectly suit the interior of their home.

Do you have an experience of visiting a Christmas wedding? I’m convinced that they are the most fabulous and unforgettable. Certainly, we can’t compare these special wedding ceremonies with usual ones. When you visit such a wedding you can feel the unique and terrific spirits of two great events: Christmas and wedding.