7 Smart Ideas for Christmas Wedding Presents


3. Decorated stockings

I can suggest you another incredible idea for a fantastic Christmas wedding present. Purchase embroidered stockings and your gift is sure to be unique and unsurpassed.

You will find a great variety of these items at shops before Christmas. Silk stockings will look amazingly. To accomplish their design you can add the bride and groom’s initials on them.

Before you start looking for this gift discover the color which will be prevailing in their decorations and try to buy something that will certainly match the color spectrum of their home. You’d better avoid red and green even though they are traditional and cheaper.

The most elegant colors which will provide rich and perfect look for stockings are gold and silver and their various shades. And don’t forget about decorations such as embroidery with silk material and nice small beads.

If you didn’t manage to find such stockings don’t be upset. Purchase usual stockings at any store and after decorate them at some special places like Personal Creations.