8 Fun Christmas Activities Your Family Will Love


Christmas has always been associated with having a good time with family and gathering with friends. This Christmas, I want to spend more time with my family and I’ve already started to plan some fun Christmas activities for the whole family.

I did a little research and found out a few incredibly interesting activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you are looking for incredible family activities to brighten your Christmas, be sure to read my list. You will certainly find something for your family.

1. The Blind Elf and the Escaped Reindeer

Last year I spent Christmas at my sister’s house and it was the first time when I tried this activity. I can surely say that it’s fantastically interesting and we had a lot of fun playing this game. It requires a large space, a blindfold, and some bells.

The person who will be the reindeer should hold bells while another person who will play the part of the blind elf should be blindfolded. A few people should stand around the space and block the blind elf from bumping into something or straying out of the area.

The reindeer and the blind elf go into the middle of the room. Once you say “go”, the elf should capture the escaped reindeer and the reindeer should avoid the elf, dodging and ducking.

Since the reindeer is carrying bells, the elf can easily follow the sound. The game can go on for a specified amount of time or until the reindeer is caught.

2. Guess the Christmas tune

Sit in a circle and decide who will go first. The person who goes first should hum a Christmas tune or carol without giving the words.

Your family members should guess the tune. You can make this activity more fun by singing a few Christmas carols with your family.

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3. Build a snowman

Although this activity is an old one, I’m sure most of you will agree that this is a fun way to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. Ask your kids to build a few snowmen and allow them to compete with one another.

However, adults shouldn’t just stay and watch, tell them to make snowmen as well. Hey, don’t forget to have a snow fight after finishing the competition! These are the wonderful moments that will definitely be cherished with time.

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4. Bake Christmas cookies

Cooking or baking with family is always fun. So why not bake some easy and delicious cookies with your family this Christmas? Bake individual shapes and you and your kids will have more fun.

Remember about the delivery part. It’s a good idea to deliver all the baked cookies to your relatives and friends. They will be happy to receive some tasty treats from the people they love.

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5. Attend community events

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there is plenty of amazing community events, why not enroll for one of those events with your family and close friends? It could be a great concert or some interesting competition. You can even attend a few community events and save money on hosting Christmas holiday parties at home.

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6. Make Christmas decorations

One of the great Christmas activities your family can enjoy is making Christmas decorations. You can make some incredible decorations for your Christmas tree and decorate the tree together.

This will help you spend a good time together and have tons of fun. You can also wrap all the Christmas gifts with your family.

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7. Go for ice skating

Looking for an unforgettable family activity? Go for ice skating with the whole family and have a wonderful time together. Ice skating with family is actually fun if everybody does it together.

Don’t feel like going for ice skating? Then go for a drive with your family this Christmas. With all the lights and fabulous Christmas decorations, your mood will be brightened up instantly.

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8. Play video games or board games

If you and your family don’t want to go anywhere, you can still have lots of fun at home. You can play some interesting board games or play video games with your kids. Usually, we don’t have time to play games with our kids due to work and Christmas is a great opportunity to spend more time together as a family.

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Nowadays people celebrate Christmas with their friends, relatives or even coworkers. However, I believe Christmas is a family holiday and it’s always great to celebrate it with a lot of fun. If you don’t have kids, you can celebrate Christmas with your parents or husband.

Do you have your own Christmas activities your family enjoys each year?