8 Fun Christmas Activities Your Family Will Love


Christmas has always been associated with having a good time with family and gathering with friends. This Christmas, I want to spend more time with my family and I’ve already started to plan some fun Christmas activities for the whole family.

I did a little research and found out a few incredibly interesting activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you are looking for incredible family activities to brighten your Christmas, be sure to read my list. You will certainly find something for your family.

1. The Blind Elf and the Escaped Reindeer

Last year I spent Christmas at my sister’s house and it was the first time when I tried this activity. I can surely say that it’s fantastically interesting and we had a lot of fun playing this game. It requires a large space, a blindfold, and some bells.

The person who will be the reindeer should hold bells while another person who will play the part of the blind elf should be blindfolded. A few people should stand around the space and block the blind elf from bumping into something or straying out of the area.

The reindeer and the blind elf go into the middle of the room. Once you say “go”, the elf should capture the escaped reindeer and the reindeer should avoid the elf, dodging and ducking.

Since the reindeer is carrying bells, the elf can easily follow the sound. The game can go on for a specified amount of time or until the reindeer is caught.