8 Incredibly Fun Kids’ Christmas Party Games


Christmas is almost here and most people rack their brains over the decorations, outfit, trip arrangements and other holiday preparations. However, if you have kids or expect your nephews and nieces to come, you should also put some efforts to look for interesting ways to keep them busy and entertained during the Christmas celebration.

Luckily, you can relax and enjoy yourself since I’ve come up with the list of amazing Christmas party games for kids and even adults! Here are 8 incredibly fun party games for Christmas celebration that your family members will surely appreciate.


1. Gift Relay

To play this game you need at least 6 players. Divide the kids into two teams and prepare two gift boxes of the same size, wrapped in the same paper. Place them either on the table or just on the floor and start the competition.

A kid from each team should unwrap the gift, rewrap it, return to the team and give the way to the next player. The participants should accomplish the task very quickly and accurately. Those who cope with the box first get the prize.

If you want to make the competition more interesting you can fill the box with cute knickknacks or candies. However, don’t make the wrapping too complicated for small kids. Avoid using bows, ribbons and paper clips.