8 Incredibly Fun Kids’ Christmas Party Games


Christmas is almost here and most people rack their brains over the decorations, outfit, trip arrangements and other holiday preparations. However, if you have kids or expect your nephews and nieces to come, you should also put some efforts to look for interesting ways to keep them busy and entertained during the Christmas celebration.

Luckily, you can relax and enjoy yourself since I’ve come up with the list of amazing Christmas party games for kids and even adults! Here are 8 incredibly fun party games for Christmas celebration that your family members will surely appreciate.


1. Gift Relay

To play this game you need at least 6 players. Divide the kids into two teams and prepare two gift boxes of the same size, wrapped in the same paper. Place them either on the table or just on the floor and start the competition.

A kid from each team should unwrap the gift, rewrap it, return to the team and give the way to the next player. The participants should accomplish the task very quickly and accurately. Those who cope with the box first get the prize.

If you want to make the competition more interesting you can fill the box with cute knickknacks or candies. However, don’t make the wrapping too complicated for small kids. Avoid using bows, ribbons and paper clips.

2. Santa Says

Santa Says is a festive variant of the game Simon Says. Noisy and cheerful, this is a perfect game for a big company. Even though it’s a kid game, adults can join the activity as well.

One of the adults, the leader of the game, should start by saying “Santa says” and clap his hands three times. The kids start clapping and the game goes on.

However, if the kid continues clapping when the words aren’t heard, he or she has to leave the game. The last person that remains in the game is the winner. This game is a good way to cultivate attention and carefulness.

3. Berry Guess

It’s a lovely and fun game that will develop your children’s attention, thinking and keep them entertained. To play Berry Guess you need to hang a large bunch of mistletoe to the ceiling and ask your little one to count the berries. But, try to count the berries yourself to know the exact amount of berries.

Let them use a stool to stand on and count one after another. When the counting is over they should name the amount of berries they have counted. The child who names the accurate number wins the competition.

4. Pass the Parcel

It’s one of the best traditions of Christmas. To play this game you need to find a medium-sized box, fill it with Christmas goodies including candies, cookies, chocolate bars and wrap several times with wrapping paper. Switch on the music and start passing the box to each other as long as the music is playing.

The moment the music stops, the child who receives the box should take off the first layer of the wrapping paper. You should continue unwrapping the parcel and then open the box and pass out the sweets to the players.

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5. Throw My Snowball Gift

This game is a truly wonderful way to receive a gift. Wrap the gifts in a white paper or fabric so that they look like snowballs. Put them under the Christmas tree and ask your children to line up to receive the gift.

Instead of throwing the gifts to the children, ask them to sing a Christmas song or tell a Christmas poem to receive a gift. Be sure the kids will have great fun!

6. Ornament Hunt

This game you can play as a team or as a single player. Ornament Hunt looks like a Scavenger Hunt, but while playing this game you should use items related to Christmas including Christmas tree decorations, candy canes, holiday cards and toys.

Divide the kids in several teams, set the time limit and don’t forget to switch on the music to cheer up the atmosphere. The more items they manage to find the better! Prepare some cute inexpensive prizes for everybody.

7. Pass Snowballs through the Wreath

This is another Christmas games that will keep your children entertained. To play this game you have to prepare a wreath, hang it to the ceiling or to the wall at the appropriate height and make plastic or paper snowballs.

Ask the kids to line up and pass them out a few snowballs. The kid who manages to throw all the balls through the wreath will receive the prize. Switch on the cheerful music to stir up the spirit of friendly competitiveness.

8. Visit from Santa

What can make Christmas Eve celebration more hilarious and fantastic than Santa himself? I bet your children will love the idea to call Santa and have a great fascinating holiday.

You can ask your husband to dress up as Santa or you can consider hiring a professional so that you can enjoy the performance all together. Stock up on gifts in advance and pass them to Santa. The children will be amazed to receive presents from Santa Clause and sing ‘Jingle Bells’ with him.

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Parents are so busy with Christmas preparations that they often forget or simply have no time to think up some cheerful and captivating games for their kids during the celebration. But now you see that there are plenty of games to keep your kids entertained and busy this holiday season.

So, will you give one of these games a try this Christmas?