Career vs. Marriage: Why I Choose Career over Marriage


I never thought of this choice until my mid-20s when people started overwhelming me with questions about marriage and kids. I just live my own life, date a nice guy and I love my job.

Nowadays many women have to choose between career and marriage. Even though the choice is evident, I don’t hurry to tie the knot. In our society a woman is thought to be desperate for children and family and the earlier you start your family, the better.

However, to my mind, motherhood and marriage are not the only field a woman can succeed in. Here are a few reasons I choose career over marriage:

I need professional development

Admittedly, there are lots of things that make me feel happy, and my job is definitely one of them. You can call me career driven, but I want to succeed in what I’ve started. When I graduated from college I was lucky to work at a highly respected newspaper.

Professional development and experience are important to a young graduate since it’s very easy to lose your professional skills without practice. I feel very enthusiastic about my job and there are heaps of ideas I want to realize. Your job gives you financial independence and confidence, which will provide you with better future.

Moreover, I’ve seen a lot of women who were disappointed and frustrated when their children have grown up and left them. All their lives they’d been existing for their kids and now these women have nothing to do with their lives. In this sense, job is an essential thing, which let you live your life to the fullest no matter what.

..and personal as well

A friend of mine welcomed a baby at the age of 18. No, it wasn’t unintended pregnancy; she just wanted to have children as soon as possible. But, honestly, I can’t understand how you can rear children when you can’t take care of yourself?

Naturally, our lifestyle and views differ when we are in our 20s and 30s. A person undergoes most important changes in the life during this period. Your early and mid-20s are the time of parties, travelling, dates and education.

All these things give you priceless experience and transform you into a full-fledged personality. I’m not a psychology expert but I know perfectly well that I am too young to have children and family right now. I realize that I’m not that little girl that talked too much and cried easily, but it’s not enough to quit my single life.

I need stability

Obviously, I want to provide my children with good education, good living conditions and good life. You can hardly give it to your kids in your twenties. A single life gives you the chance to save more for a house, car or whatever you want to buy.

Another thing you should be 100 hundred percent sure about when getting married is your spouse. Dating for several months is frequently not enough to learn the person. Refusing early marriage means you have enough time to find “that special guy”.

You can understand what exactly you expect from your would-be husband and you are more likely to avoid mistakes. Well, I have a boyfriend and I love him very much, but I’m not sure if I want to marry him.

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I want to emotionally get ready for marriage

Family life can considerably change your usual daily routine. You might not become a housewife, but marriage always means big laundry, weekend gathering with relatives and common budget. I need hardly mention that with the advent of a child your life will change forever.

Naturally, you cannot be utterly ready for all this stuff. Sometimes people have quite dim concepts of family life and children upbringing, and they cherish illusions about their common future.

My parents have been married for more than 26 years and they are still in love with each other. I, however, cannot get used to the thought that I will have to spend the rest of my life with one person and have children with him.

I consider marriage to be once-in-a-lifetime thing since it’s the most important choice in my life. Thus, I have a perfect right to think everything over as long as I need.

Nowadays society constantly keeps telling us that time is running out, and that there is nothing more important for a woman than creating a family. However, I notice that not wanting kids is absolutely normal these days.

I stopped worrying about this. Do you know why? I realized that my biological clock will signal me clearly enough that I’m ready to be a mother and a wife. That’s why I continue dating my man, being busy with my favorite work and enjoying my life.

Do you think marriage is more important than a career?