7 Simple Illusions to Make Your Legs Look Leaner


Everyone likes to look tall, thin and graceful, with legs all the way up to there. If you’re not lucky enough to have the body of a supermodel, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to make your own legs look great! Here are seven tips to make your legs appear longer and leaner.


1. Tanning

Not the dangerous cancer-causing kind you get from the beach or the tanning bed, but the kind you do yourself or have a professional provide for you. An airbrush, spray or lotion layer of light golden color can really lend your legs a nice slender look.

The same effect can be achieved by wearing suntan colored panty hose, especially during the winter. (Hose give you the extra bonus of holding in your tummy and thighs!)

2. Shimmer cream

This is a newer one. Apply down the center of your legs, from your outer thighs to your calves, to make them seem longer and leaner.

Experts say to be careful not to use too much and blend shimmer in carefully. Shimmering suntan panty hose give you twice the lengthening illusion!

3. Wear light over dark colored clothing

The eye is drawn to lighter colors, so if attention is focused on your top, it will seem to whittle away your more dimly colored legs. It doesn’t hurt to have your light top also decorated in some way with graphic detail or frills.

4. Straight leg pants, especially skinny jeans (in a dark color)

These give your legs one long, slim line and cover up any bumps or flaws. Darker colors, once again, draw attention away from your legs.

5. Tights

Tights allow use of both color and texture to pull off many different body illusions, including longer, trimmer legs. Dark tights with a dark skirt accentuate the color blocking method described previously. The ultimate pattern, of course, is fishnet!

Fishnet stockings offer some of the best illusion for a longer leg. Matching high heels extend the line even more! (But avoid chunky heels, which break the illusion.)

6. Speaking of heels, high heels are the classic way to make legs look longer and more slender

They add overall height to your body, as well as arch your foot and therefore change the contour of your leg. Be careful not to wear chunky heels, however, as this destroys the leanness of the silhouette by making the bottom stumpy.

If you don’t like skinny, spiked heels, try a wedge instead. It offers more support than a stiletto, while still lending the height you’re looking for. Don’t forget to match or at least coordinate with your darker bottom clothing!

7. It’s easy to be tempted to wear baggy clothes, especially if you feel your bottom half is heavy

This is a serious fashion mistake, especially if you want to make your legs look thinner. Like chunky heels, baggy clothes – especially cuffed pants – make legs look squat.