7 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Leaner


Are you one of those lucky women with a Beyoncé body that Sir Mix-a-Lot would dig? As a pear-shape, you’re blessed with the ideal woman’s body, and your risk of heart disease is far below that of your apple-shaped friends.

Unfortunately, what’s sleek and svelte on top might make what’s on bottom seem a little broad by comparison. Not to worry, these seven tips will help you make your legs look long, lean, and lithe.

1. Wear bright or light colors on top and dark colors on bottom

The eye is always drawn to the lightest color, so if your top attracts the most attention, your dark-colored legs will seem to melt away. Bonus: choose a top with lots of textural detail – frills, mixed fabrics – to maximize a small bust and create a top-bottom balance.

2. Pair skinny jeans with tunic tops

Leggings can be a little too form-fitting because all colors but absolute matte black accentuate all your little flaws. Skinny jeans are perfect; the “skinny” keeps you wrapped up tightly, and the “jeans” smooth over lumps and bumps. Warning: avoid ankle-length jeggings, which cut off the long visual line you’re trying to create.

3. High heels elongate the legs

The trick here is that they must not have any horizontal detail across the foot. That means no ankle straps, no T-straps, and no Mary Janes.

The goal is to create a continuous visual field from above the ankle to at least the middle of the foot, which will make your legs appear that much longer. Tip: even chunky heels will lengthen your leg as long as the front of the shoe is clean-cut.

4. Avoid low-waist paints

It’s true that they make your butt look awesome, but they also take several inches off of your leg length. The great news is that high waists are back in style. Look for a high waist with subtle back pocket detailing that will keep your butt looking cute while lengthening your front and side views.

5. Look for tops that hit right below your widest part

A top that’s cut too far above the hips will emphasize the size of your thighs, and a cut too far below will shorten your legs. Tops which end right below your hips will camouflage your widest part without chopping any length off your legs. Bonus: a flowing empire-style top disguises a round tummy.

6. Straight-leg pants add visual length

Flares aren’t so fashionable right now, which is good for you because they really only look good on waifish supermodels anyway. Seams that start at the hip and drop straight down are as good as elevator shoes for lifting and lengthening.

Warning: make sure the hips are a perfect fit. Too tight, and you’ll emphasize the width. Too loose, and they’ll look saggy. When in doubt, buy the larger size and visit a tailor.

7. Stay away from frills and feminine cuts

You can wear swirling skirts on maxi dresses, but to slim down your legs, you need to create a sleek shape without any additional visual weight. If you’re desperate for some femininity, a very subtle A-line is OK, but sharp, clean, masculine lines will stretch you out the most. Tip: sew your pockets shut and slice off the extra fabric for an even sleeker line without any bulging openings.

Think clean and simple, and you’ll get long and lean at a tenth of the price of lipo and none of the pain. Just follow these simple tips for the gorgeous gams you’ve always wanted.