8 Reasons Why Chocolate is Better than Sex


Perhaps we will never get over both of these: sex and chocolate. Have you ever thought that chocolate can be better than sex?

If you think that sex is better, check out a few reasons why having chocolate is much better than having sex. Who knows, maybe you will change your mind?!

1. Chocolate comes in different flavors

This is one of the best reasons why every person in the world loves chocolates! Chocolate can come in a great variety of flavors! There are dark, creamy, milky, fruity and nutty chocolates.

I just can’t imagine my life without dark chocolate. It’s so tasty and so healthy! And sex is just the same every time, there is any flavor involved in it whatsoever!

2. You can safely have chocolate while driving

Any cop can pull you up for having a bar of dark or milky chocolate while you’re driving on a busy street, right? But you can’t drive and have sex at the same time, because that’s not allowed and you can risk the lives of people around you. Although you may be perfect at multitasking, you certainly can’t juggle between driving and having sex.

3. Chocolate doesn’t make you pregnant

Want more reasons why chocolate is better than sex? Okay, I’ve got a lot of them!

Chocolates never make you pregnant, so you can relax and have a piece of chocolate every time you want. And can you tell something like that in the case of having sex? Definitely, not!

4. Chocolate is long lasting

Yes, girls, you can have three, five or eight chocolates during the day. And for sex, you’ll need lots of energy to last longer and sometimes it’s not possible. Moreover, you have to take time out for sex, and chocolate can be consumed anytime and anywhere!

5. Two girls can have chocolate without being called names

You know when the people of the same sex have sex, they are usually bound to be called names. But if you have chocolates with your female friend no one can judge you.

6. Your mom will not mind you eating chocolate

Which mom won’t allow her daughter to eat chocolate? When it comes to sex, here come a number of morality issues!

You can have chocolate in front of your mom. After all, can you even imagine having sex in front of your mom? Sure, not, right?

7. Chocolate can be eaten at any age

When it comes to having chocolates your age definitely doesn’t matter, since it can be eaten by people of all ages – from a child to a teen, a young woman to an elderly woman. When it comes to having sex, there’s a certain age limit and not everyone can have sex.

8. Chocolate can be eaten any time of the month

You should keep a track of your menstrual cycle every month to refrain from having chocolate at certain days. One of the best reasons why chocolate is better than sex is that you can have chocolate any time you want without worrying about your period.

Well, girls, you see that chocolate is much better than sex! Do you agree with that? Do you know any other reasons why having chocolate is better than having sex? Share your thoughts, please!