7 Great Ways to Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings


Since many of us have a weakness for chocolates and suffer from chocolate cravings, I decided to share some ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Chocolate is my best friend and worst enemy at the same time. I love it and I know that it can sabotage my weight loss. Cravings in general can sabotage your weight-loss efforts, especially if you are having everyday cravings.

I’m a big chocolate lover and I think a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. You can eat what you want and still lose weight. Just make sure you eat everything in moderation. Read on and find out a few awesome ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

1. Wait it out

When you have a chocolate craving, wait 15-20 minutes to see if it is truly craving. If you find yourself still with a huge craving after 15-20 minutes, then you are having a true craving. In fact, 90% of the time your cravings will go away. That’s why one of the best ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings is to wait it out!

2. Have a piece of fruit

Better your health and satisfy your sweet tooth by having a piece of your favorite fruit. Since fruit is natural sugar, you’ll provide your body with vitamins and boost your immunity. If you have some berries, it’s even better! Berries are rich in antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and heart disease!

3. Drink water

We should drink water every single day. So hydrate your body and fill up your tummy devoid of any chocolate. Curb your cravings by drinking two tall glasses of clear water. Numerous weight loss studies have shown that drinking clear water can ward off your cravings. Besides, don’t forget to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day!

4. Eat mini-meals throughout the day

If you eat mini-meals throughout the day, you’ll have fewer cravings, have more energy and, of course, weigh less. Plan mini-meals every 2-3 hours and you will keep your blood sugar level and reduce your cravings.

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5. Replace this craving

If your body is craving one thing, you may be deficient in another nutrient or vitamin. When I’m craving chocolate, I replace this craving with a rice cake on a thin layer of peanut butter. This healthy substitute satisfies my sweet tooth and provides me with some fiber and protein! You can also try replacing your cravings!

6. Distract yourself

One of the effective ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings is to distract yourself. I usually go for a walk or run! This gets my mind off what I’m craving. Your craving is actually not a vitamin or mineral need but only a craving, so try to do an activity that is not surrounded around food.

7. Moderation

I’ve always lived my life in moderation and I think everything must be in moderation. If I find myself having a chocolate craving that just won’t go away, I curb my craving in moderation. So feel free to eat several squares of dark chocolate.

If you’re out with your friends and they order chocolate cakes, have a few bites rather than a whole cake. Eating in moderation is one of the most important parts of healthy eating.

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Follow these tips and you will satisfy your chocolate cravings without feeling deprived. If you are a chocolate lover, how do you satisfy your cravings? Please share your tips! I’m always on the lookout for new ways!