7 Signs You Are Ready to Have Sex


If you’re still a virgin it can be very difficult to tell when you’re ready for sex, but there are some tips to tell if you’re ready to have sex that will certainly ensure that you do not feel pressured into having sex just because everybody’s doing it. Keep in mind that sex is a really huge step so you don’t want to rush into it. Check out a few signs you are ready to have sex!

1. You don’t feel pressured to have sex

Peer pressure can be especially high when you’re in middle school or high school or even college. When it comes to sex you should never give in to peer pressure! You want the first time to be special and if you do it just to do it, this might damage you later in life.

2. You know your partner inside and out

Before you start having sex, it’s important to know your partner inside and out. This is very significant for the first time you have sex. I’m sure, you do not want to be with a man that you do not even know or who does not know you, right?

3. Your body feels ready

If you’re going to have sex for the first time, this must be a very important decision. It’s all up to you whether or not to wait for marriage, but make sure your body feels ready. It’s one of the signs you’re ready to have sex.

You never want to feel pressured to do it or to rush into it. Sex is intimate and it shouldn’t be something you jump into without thinking.

4. You want to have sex

Ask yourself, do you really want to have sex? When you are having your first sex, it must be because you really want it and your man wants it too. It should be mutual, but not something that is full of pressure or that you and your partner are doing just because everyone is doing it.

5. You feel emotionally ready

If you are not ready emotionally for sex, never do it! Just wait for a while so that you will not regret it. Sometimes it is difficult to have sex for the first time since you’re giving yourself to your partner and you want to be ready emotionally for it!

6. There’s mutual respect between the two of you

Is there mutual respect between you and your partner? Does he respect you and do you respect him? Respect is one of the most important factors in a healthy sexual relationship. I respect my boyfriend and the first time we had sex, there was a high level of respect there, and it was so beautiful!

7. You’re prepared with protection

If you ultimately decide to have sex, you should be ready with protection. Birth control and condoms are both a must, so you won’t worry about STDs or pregnancy. You must be the one who is prepared, never depend on your partner!

Take these tips to heart and remember even though sex is important in a relationship, it’s not something that must be rushed. Well, girls, have you been thinking of having sex?