15 Healthy Snacks to Tame Your Sweet Tooth


Show me someone who doesn’t have sweet cravings, and I will show you a robot. We all deserve a sweet treat, but if you are on a diet or just trying to eat a bit healthier, it’s important that you learn how to trick your sweet tooth. In fact, there are many tasty foods out there that can help satiate your sweet cravings – get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment.

I love experimenting with snacks. Snacking healthier comes with finding the healthiest food possible, so, ladies, if you have a bunch of sweet teeth, here are a few healthy snack ideas to try.

1. Dressed-up yogurt

Dressed-up yogurt is my favorite snack, which is rich in protein, potassium, and calcium that help keep you feeling full and healthy for hours. Take your favorite fruit-flavored (make your own at home) or plain yogurt, add coconut flakes, chopped nuts, and dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs, and ta-da!

You’ve just got a nutritious and healthy snack that will absolutely trick your taste buds. I like a healthy strawberry yogurt with dark chocolate chips and chia seeds, and it’s so delicious!