Give It a Whirl: Why You Should Take a Cold Morning Shower


Did you ever take a cold morning shower? If you did, you probably know how painful it can be at first. Even though it`s not a pleasant activity, it has some really wonderful advantages.

A cold morning shower can actually make your entire day great and if you think it`s better to sleep those few minutes more, you`re totally wrong. Here are six reasons that`ll help you get into a habit of taking a cold shower every morning before work, and even on weekends.

1. It helps you look beautiful

Not only does a cold morning shower affect your emotional health, it also makes a huge impact on your beauty and physical health. Cold water is good for women`s hair as it helps it shine naturally, and makes it stronger and healthier. It also helps burn extra calories and boost your metabolism, so if you skip your morning run, your morning shower can help you drop some pounds.

2. It does your coffee’s job

If you’re a habitual coffee drinker who’s trying to break a habit of drinking coffee in the morning, consider taking a cold shower. Cold water can wake you up like nothing else. You don`t even think about sleeping in after a morning shower.

Caffeine is a psychostimulant. Same goes to cold water so you can get lots of energy and happiness by just taking a regular morning shower.

3. It makes the whole day better

The latest researches show that almost 90 percent of women like to take a morning shower because it makes their day a lot better. In a word, it makes you alive again.

It opens your eyes and your brain starts working faster and more productively. You can see the bright side of life as you become shining brightly yourself after this wonderful morning procedure.

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4. It’s the best gift for your skin

Would you like to have a perfect skin? Every woman wants to have a soft and tender skin and you can have it easily.

Whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, you can make it look better by taking a cold shower in the morning. Your body loves water and needs it so give it to your body and feel amazing all day long.

5. You’ll feel happier

Feel down in the morning? Consider taking a shower to improve your mood and give you a boost of energy. It activates your brain power, and stimulates its blue spot – the main source of noradrenaline.

That helps us fight stress, prevent depression and stay happy as long as possible. It`s a kind of physical and mental refreshment, which means you can feel amazing, energized and renewed every single day.

6. Improve your immunity and overall health

Cold morning showers help to improve circulation and prevent skin issues and heart disease. The thing is, cold water has the ability to keep blood circulating properly, improving your overall heart health. Cold morning showers clear blocked arteries, reduce blood pressure, and boost your immune system.

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7. Fight stress and morning anxiety

If you suffer from morning anxiety or you wake up feeling stressed, take a cold shower to relieve the symptoms. Researches show that cold showers produce an antidepressive effect, so if you tend to feel depressed for no obvious reason, especially in the morning, give a cold morning shower a try.

These are the most amazing reasons cold morning showers can improve your life. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and you won’t regret. Become more enthusiastic, more active, more attractive and more positive with cold water spilled over your shoulders every day before work.

So, are you going to include a cold shower in your morning routine?