7 Things You Should Write Down Each Morning


There are a few important things to write down in the morning to have a good, productive day. It can take several minutes to write things down, but it will have a great impact on your productivity, mood and mental focus.

Rather than heading for your coffee pot, take a paper and pen and write down some of the things mentioned below. It takes me less than 8 minutes to write down these important things each morning, so don’t worry about the time.

1. Reminders

Picking up the laundry, buying some fruits and veggies after work, and congratulating someone on their birthday are some of my most important reminders. It seems strange to write down these things, but I have a super busy schedule and lots of tasks to accomplish every day so I can easily forget these simple things.

If you are like me, take a few minutes in the morning and write down anything that you might forget to do during the day. After work, take a look at this list and make sure you don’t forgot to do anything.

2. Schedule

If you have a habit to write down your schedule every morning, it’s great, but if you don’t, consider writing down your schedule right after you get up in the morning. It will jump start your brain and prepare you for the hard day.

Just write down a general outline of the day and be sure to include time for rest. When we have a busy day we often forget to take a break, but when you have it scheduled, you know that you should do it. I always write down my schedule in the morning and I know how my day will go.

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3. Inspirational quotes

This is my favorite thing to write down every single morning. Take a book full of inspirational quotes, or a religious or spiritual book, and write a few quotes down.

Whether they are funny or serious, they should inspire you and boost your mood. It can be about family, health, dreams, religion, gratitude, spirituality, or anything that will inspire and motivate you for the whole day.

4. Things you are thankful for

To reduce your stress and better your mood, write down things you are really thankful for. It can be a new job or home, or something as simple as having delicious breakfast that morning.

There is always something to be grateful for. Just take a few minutes to think about it in the morning.

5. Things you want to accomplish

Write down certain things that you want to accomplish. It can be an important project you should accomplish that day, or maybe it’s to have a healthy food that day.

When you write such things down, you know you need to accomplish them today. Plus, it gives you a goal that helps boost your motivation and focus.

6. Bills

Although I don’t like to think about bills and money in the morning, I know they are important things to consider. To be more responsible with your money, write down the bills that come out of your account.

This way, you will avoid overdrafts and manage your finances much better. It’s significant to make great choices with your money because you work hard to earn them, don’t you?

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7. Good deeds

Now, it’s time to think about people around you. Think of the good things you can do for them today. It can be something as simple as holding the door open for someone, smiling at someone, buying your friend coffee or sending a card to your mom or aunt.

Whatever it is, write it down in the morning. Good deeds make you a better and happier person, and they can make a big impact on the sense of your well-being.

Perhaps you think that these things are not so important to write down in the morning, however, it’s worth trying. You will see how it can help you lower stress, be happier and get more done in a day.

Do you write down any of these things every morning?