9 Tips for Releasing Your Anger in a Positive Way


When you are angry, it’s hard to control your emotions and release your anger in a positive way. Many people think that the best way to vent their anger is to break something, or yell at somebody, or just yell when no one is home.

There’s nothing wrong with this way, but do you really want to crash your dishes, candleholders or mirrors? Or do you really want to yell at your little one or husband just because you are angry and have problems at work? Life is unfair and hard so it’s crucial to learn how to vent your anger in a healthy way.

1. Exercise

When you are angry, you may not feel like going to the gym or working out at home. However, it’s one of the best (if not the best) ways to vent your anger and calm your nerves. The thing is, exercise releases endorphins, chemicals that promote a feeling of wellness and happiness.

I recommend you to try running, walking, swimming, push-ups, and yoga. Not only will you release your anger and combat stress, you will also burn excess calories and tone up your body.

2. Bake

Instead of yelling at your kids, bake something delicious for them. Mixing and kneading dough will help you release your anger in a more positive way.

In fact, cooking is a great way to forget about your problems and troubles, since you need to focus on your recipe to make your cookies tasty. Even if you live alone, baking is a good way to treat yourself and vent your anger at the same time.

3. Opt for a mint or chamomile tea

Take a break to enjoy a calming chamomile tea or a refreshing mint tea. Avoid drinking coffee and black (and even green) tea when you are angry. Those drinks can make you feel worse and they won’t help you relax.

Chamomile tea has been used for thousands of years to calm nerves and improve sleep. It can also help soothe your stomach and reduce mild anxiety. Mint tea can also help you relax and relieve muscle tension.

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4. Take a nap

If you are feeling overwhelmed and you can’t control your anger, drink your cup of chamomile tea and take a nap. Sometimes it’s crucial to allow your body and mind time to relax.

A 15-20 minute nap can give you an absolutely different (hopefully, more positive) outlook on your problems. It’s much easier to solve problems when you have a clear mind and when you are calm.

5. Write it down

Writing your problems and emotions down is a healthy way to vent anger. It helps you sort your worries and thoughts and find the right solutions for your problems. Writing always offers me relief from my worries and troubles and I believe it’s a powerful tool that can help many people live a better life.

The next time you are angry, take a paper and pen and write down everything that bother you. If you hate your boss but don’t want to quit your job, you can’t tell them everything you think, writing is what you need in this situation. Learn how to control your anger and emotions through writing and let me know how it works for you.

6. Play with a pet

Believe it or not, playing with a pet helps me calm down in a jiff. No matter whether I’m angry, disappointed or happy, my cat loves me and supports me when I feel down and don’t want to see anyone.

If you have a pet, try spending some time with it. What can be more relaxing than cuddling with a cat (or any other pet you have)? If you don’t have a pet, consider volunteering at an animal shelter, or adopting an animal today, of course, if you are ready for it.

7. Laugh

It may sound crazy, but laughing is a positive and healthy way to vent your anger. Watch some funny animal pictures or movies, read some funny stories or call up someone who always makes you laugh and feel happier.

Smile and laugh as often as possible throughout the day and feel your stress and anger melt away. It’s okay to stay positive when others are serious and angry. Set a good example for everyone and show them that being angry isn’t your cup of tea.

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8. Listen to music

Music, especially classic music, boasts numerous calming properties. It helps you calm down, reduce your stress level, and improve your mood. Listening to classic music can also help you release anger. The next time you feel angry, close your eyes, listen to a piece of classic music and watch your worries and anger slip away.

9. Take a few deep breaths

When all else fails, just take a few deep breaths to get rid of anger. Since anger can negatively affect your body, it’s important to find the most effective way to release it.

Many studies show that deep breathing helps to calm nerves, reduce anxiety and clear mind. Don’t keep your anger inside and don’t let it control your life, instead, get control of it.

Anger is a powerful emotion that can affect your body and mind. We often let this emotion control us and we often release it in a negative way. Learn to let go of anger to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

What are your ways to vent anger?