9 Best Ways to Stay Positive Even in the Worst Situation


No matter how tough that situation might seem, it’s not that difficult to stay positive even in the worst of situations. You just need to be ready to improve the quality of your life and change the way you see everything around you.

Having and maintaining a genuinely positive attitude these days is important, especially if you want to be successful in your personal life and in your career. Here are some of the best and helpful ways to stay positive even in the worst situation.

1. Get up early

I’m not a morning person, and I don’t like to wake up early, but I noticed that each time I got up early in the morning, I felt happier, more energized, and was more optimistic that day. When you get up early, you have more time to do those little things that you never have time for, such as reading your favorite book, listening to some of your favorite songs, or meditating.

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2. Exercise

Exercising can bring you plenty of wonderful benefits. It has a great impact on your physical health as well as your emotional well-being. Moreover, exercising is a powerful way to combat anxiety and depression, and it can also help you get rid of that accumulated stress.

3. Get organized

Make a rule to plan your day every day. Get organized, since this way, you will be able to do more things faster, and you will have enough time for the people or things you love.

Focus on your priorities and work on solving your problems rather than postponing them. Keep your head up and believe in better things and better life.

4. Seize your day

To stay positive every single day, you have to learn to seize your day. Have you ever heard the saying “Carpe diem”? I’m pretty sure that your answer is ‘yes.’ Listen to this proverb and always enjoy each moment of your life, even if your life is not as good as you want it to be.

You’ll definitely overcome every obstacle you encounter in your path. Instead of focusing on the negative, think about the great things that will happen in your life.

5. Remember your favorite proverbs

Believe it or not, sometimes a little proverb can be so inspiring and uplifting that it can change your whole day. Keep in mind your favorite quotes and proverbs when you have a bad day, and they will definitely give you inspiration and motivation and help you stay positive even in the worst situation.

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6. Be prepared for the negative situations

No matter how hard we try, we can’t avoid negative situations. Why not be prepared for them? Try to look at any negative situation as your training session for real life.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; you need them. Just like George Bernard Shaw once said, “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” Life is a series of experiences, so you’d better be prepared for them, both good and bad.

7. Laugh

One of the best things you can do if you want to learn how to stay positive even in the worst situation is to make laughter a part of your daily life. Feel free to use humor, and all your worries and problems won’t seem so difficult and scary anymore! So the next time you find yourself feeling a little down, read a few jokes or a funny story or look at some funny pics, and you will definitely feel better.

8. Shape your thoughts

Using language to shape your thoughts is one of the most effective ways to build a positive attitude. Try to make some positive changes in your language.

For instance, use words like “incredible,” “amazing,” “fantastic,” and “wonderful” every day and avoid using negative terms, like “I won’t” or “I can’t.” You will see how these will affect your attitude and your behavior.

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9. Read an inspiring book

If you’re fond of reading, it’s great, because it can help you maintain a positive attitude even in the most difficult situation. Reading a positive and inspiring book will help you stay motivated and overcome challenges to reach your goals.

If you don’t enjoy reading, then watch some inspiring videos. There are many inspirational and motivational videos to choose from.

Although it may seem a little bit difficult to stay positive even in the worst situation, it’s possible. Follow these tips and see the results.

Do you know any other ways to stay positive in tough times? Share them with us, please.