7 Advices to Control Seasonal Depression


I’m sure now a lot of people are searching for advice on how to control seasonal depression. In winter months, many people feel a little down, experiencing a sense of malaise, which is often called “winter blues.” There are numerous reasons why this happens. If you feel that you have seasonal depression, then these 7 advices may help you.


1. Sunlight

I know it is hard to look for sunlight during the gray, cold, winter days, but sunshine may help you control seasonal depression. Get special light bulbs for your home or even office and take advantage of great sunny days by spending much time outdoors.

2. Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals may also help you to control seasonal depression. Choosing right vitamins can boost your energy and mood. Start your day with a multivitamin. If you need, you can do a blood test to check for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

3. Exercise

If it’s cold outside to go for a run, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do any exercise. Don’t forget that there are many gyms. If you’re feeling a sense of malaise, why not try getting active?

Trust me, and regular exercise can definitely boost your mood. Take one of your favorite workout videos, or put on your favorite songs and dance. I think it’s a great way to control seasonal depression, isn’t it?

4. Socialize

If you want to control your seasonal depression, you should not become a couch potato. Stay involved with your favorite activities and best friends. For example, plan a great girl’s night out. Watch TV less, and try to communicate with people more.

5. Eat right

Eating right is another effective way to control seasonal depression. I’m sure you’ve already known that eating right and exercise can cure numerous health problems.

Every day try to eat a well-balanced diet and avoid foods that contain carbohydrates. Because carbohydrates can make you feel sluggish. Do not forget to eat more vegetables!

6. Hobbies

If you have free time, it is a perfect time to focus on your favorite hobbies. Maybe you want to make capital repairs to your flat or to read an interesting book. Focus on your hobbies; it will help you to control seasonal depression.

7. Ask for help

If these advices don’t help, don’t be afraid to seek medical intervention. Specialists can help you in your situation and make the best plan of action for you. Maybe your doctor prescribes you anti-depression medication or something else.

I hope these advices will help you to control seasonal depression. You should know that seasonal depression is a common thing and many women suffer from it. And it is crucial to know when you need help from specialists.

Do you suffer from seasonal depression? How do you control seasonal depression? Share your thoughts, please!