7 Effective Ways to Start a Happy Day


For me, morning is the most difficult and unpleasant part of the day cause I must wake up so early. But I should admit that recently it has become much easier for me as I’ve found some excellent ways to start a happy day. Certainly, for most of the people waking up in the morning can be a great problem.

To my mind, we should get up with great thoughts about something wonderful and exciting that is waiting for us. Such anticipation will definitely make us happy. And at the very moment when you hear your alarm clock, you won’t be annoyed, but only bright emotions will help you wake up in the morning. If you really want to have a happy morning and be in high spirits throughout the day, then my recommendations are exactly for you.

1. Go to Bed Early

The main rule you should stick to to be happy in the morning is getting enough sleep. Remember that you will never be satisfied and glad unless you go to bed early and sleep a minimum of 7 hours. In such a way, you’ll wake up full of energy and with positive emotions. When you have enough rest at night, you can cope with any difficult situations during the day, and they will never spoil your mood.

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2. Get Ready the Night Before

I would recommend you to think thoroughly about everything that you will need in the morning and prepare it at night. For example, you can iron your clothing, as in the morning you’ll be short of time, check if there is enough money in your purse and cook some lunch to take with you.

I know such people who always run madly around their house in the morning trying to find suitable clothing and cooking lunch in a rush. Definitely, such a beginning of your day will not make you happy. You should make it a rule to prepare all the necessary things the night before. As a result, you will save more time in the morning, avoiding stressful situations.

3. Set a Pleasant Alarm Ringtone

No doubt there is some catching song which you can hear on the radio or TV every day that makes you happy and keeps up your spirits. It’s a nice idea to set this tune as an alarm ringtone. You will wake up more eagerly when you hear one of your favorite songs, as it is associated with good memories and emotions.

No matter how old and popular the song is, a happy morning is guaranteed for you if you really like it. It would be better if the tune starts slowly for you not to wake up suddenly. For instance, I’ve chosen Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. For me, it’s perfect! Try to use this tip, and you will see how it works.

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4. Receiving a Message

What can be a more pleasant and satisfying thing than to get a message in the morning from the one you love? But you also don’t forget to send a few heartwarming phrases to your boyfriend. Whenever I see the text from my man, I get inspiration for the whole day.

My happiness is undeniable! I used that my sweetheart wakes me up every morning with sincere words expressing his great love. Those texts make me so much excited that I can’t wait to read a new one. Ensure to send a reply to your boy mentioning how much you love him and wish him a good day. That will surely bring joy to you!

5. Clean Your Floor

One of the most effective ways to have a happy morning is to clean and neat the room. Try to avoid a mess on the floor. Don’t throw things anywhere. Otherwise, you will step on your book or some clothing when you wake up.

If you try to make your way to the bathroom with your eyes semi-closed and stumble on the cord of your laptop, that will never make you happy. You will be only annoyed and nervous. That’s why it is reasonable to keep your room clean and also control the area around your bed.

6. Put Your Favorite Photos on the Desk

I’m convinced that all people have many precious memories that can always make them smile and happy. Usually, when we experience cheerful and incredible moments, we try to capture them with the camera. Looking at the photo, you have a wonderful opportunity to turn back to the best times of your life and live them again. You can frame one of your favorite photos and put it on the table near your bed.

So, that will be the first thing you see after you wake up, and your face will shine with cheer. Another important tip for you is to remind yourself of the goal you are going to. That will help you to make your mornings meaningful and bright.

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7. Choose the Most Appealing Shower Scent

In the morning, I usually prefer to sleep to take a shower. Still, I know one secret that will certainly wake you up and inspire you for work and great achievements. Simply give pleasure to your senses. Pick up the best body wash with one of your favorite smells and pamper yourself while showering. Fruit-scented body washes can be a perfect choice. It will provide you the happiest start to your new day.

During the winter season, it is very difficult to wake up in the morning. It is usually dark outside when we need to get up, and we feel extremely dissatisfied and uncomfortable. There are so many ways that can make this daily routine easier for you.

Just try to think about great events and moments that are waiting for you. If you are one of those people who can wake up at once as they hear an alarm clock and smile at the world around them, please tell us about your secrets of happy mornings.