7 Amazing Ideas to Keep Your Memories Alive


The more time goes by, the more you forget everything that is going on at certain moments. We can’t keep all of them, but we can try to save in our memory the main of them. It’s really hard, but we can do some reminders, that will help us in the future. Sure, after a while you’ll wish to plunge in your dearest memories, and now I’m going to show you some fabulous ways to keep all of your memories alive.

1. The box with memories

Take some shoe-sized box and keep there every little thing that has some meaning for you. It can be notes, postcards, your favorite cafe’s check, and some other items. They will remind you about usual, but very great days.

You will be happy to look through your memory box a lot of years later. Let’s do it right now! Don’t hesitate, just start to keep your own collection!

2. Make photos

Make as many pictures of your life as you can. Care about it right now. You don’t need to do professional shots, just capture some funny or important moments. This is not difficult and this will not take a lot of your free time.

Also, you can use a camera on your phone, it’s really easy. It’s just for pleasure and for saving some moments in your memory. All your friends and relatives will be grateful to you for the chance to look through their photos a lot of years later.

3. Collect photos

You can make a lot of photos or videos, but you also need to collect and save them all. Usually, most people keep their photos on a computer or on any device they have. But it can break and you will lose all your treasure!

Think about it before it will happen. Load your shots on CDs, write the period of time on them, and put it in the secluded place. Or you can use any popular websites, where you can keep your files for a long time.

4. Diarize

You can write down some feelings or worries in your journal, diary, or notepad. It doesn’t mean that you need to do it daily. Just summarize all the emotions you have through the main period of your life.

I know that a lot of children do it, why not? Sure, you are busy and you have a lot of deals, but it will not take a lot of your time. You can do it everywhere; you will need only your notepad and a pen. It is so great to share your thoughts and it’s so awesome to re-read them a lot of years later!

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5. Use your social media accounts

Yeah, it really works! All messages, photos, videos, statuses, pictures that you used to realize your mood will remind you of some feel a lot of years later. Live this social life and don’t deny this aspect of our high-technology generation.

You will forget about your thoughts and actions, but these services will save it for you. But please don’t judge yourself for them, it is a part of your past. You could do it by mistake, but maybe you had some reason for this.

6. Feel the moment

You have only one life and please don’t spend it on some unnecessary things. Don’t analyze your actions a lot, don’t think, just feel the moments. Feel the value of everything that is going on around you.

Care about everybody who you are closed to. Fill your life only with good and necessary things. Live in certain moments and feel them all.

7. Discuss with your friends

There were some great and bad situations in your life. But don’t try to protect your memories from somebody, who was around you. You saw all situations from only your side, but there were a lot of different sights. Talk to your friends, they can remember the moments, that you have already forgotten.

The more you talk about your best days together, the less you forget. Don’t do it very often, because it can lose the uniqueness of the moment. But if you feel that you want to dive into the memories, just do it and have some fun!

It’s really great to have something that reminds you about your past. Help yourself to keep all the memories alive. So, what about you? How do you care about your memories? Share your tips in the comments below.