7 Happy Christmas Memories


Christmas evokes so many pleasant feelings and memories and it’s difficult to choose the favorite one. I’d like to share all my happy memories with you, but there wouldn’t be enough time or space. Here is my list of 7 happy Christmas memories.

1. Special gifts

A special gift is one of the happiest Christmas memories, that’s why I always try to buy some special things, which I can’t buy during the year because of the high price. My children know this and they never let me forget that I need to buy the things if I haven’t already. This is a pleasant memory that my kids will probably pass down to their children.

2. Special ornaments

Every year, I buy lots of Christmas ornaments for my children. But not just simple ornaments, I buy ornaments and things, which commemorate something special my children accomplished that year, for example, riding a bike with no training wheels, losing their first tooth, or graduating. These bring back happy memories each year.

3. Special movies

My family has a lot of favorite Christmas movies, which we cannot miss! To watch all our favorite movies we start watching them in November. They would bring back pleasant memories, even if we watched them many times.

4. Special books

For each of my children yearly I buy a new Christmas book. We have accumulated so many interesting books, so we never have enough time to read them all.

But we have our favorite books, which we surely read every Christmas. It is a happy memory I will never forget.

5. Special music

There are numerous Christmas songs but my family has special music we listen to every Christmas. It is our family tradition to dance around the Christmas tree to our favorite music and we make memories every year. All our relatives and friends like our tradition and dance merrily with us.

6. Special advent card

This is my most favorite and happiest memory. When my first child was born, I’d bought an advent card.

Every day, from the beginning of December till Christmas we read one window on the card. My advent calendar is shabby and ragged, but we always read from it. It’s a happy memory!

7. Special pajamas

Last year, I thought my oldest children would be too old for such presents as pajamas. But I was wrong and all my children had been waiting for their new pajamas because it’s their happiest childhood Christmas memory. This Christmas I also will buy new pajamas for my children.

Memories are an important part of our lives. Some of them are sad others are happy. The happy memories make the sad ones easier to swallow. Do you have any happy Christmas memories? Share your thoughts, please!