9 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid at the Supermarket


As the researches show, a lot of customers make definite mistakes while going to the supermarkets. Due to their faults, they can lose about 2.5 billion dollars a year. Usually, mistakes are absolutely different. For instance, some people can buy certain goods at an impulse, without thinking. But still, there are some common mistakes which many people make during their visits to the shop.

I want to tell you about these consumers’ faults to prevent you from undesirable expenses. So make sure to remember them and consult them every time you come to the supermarket. Here is the top list of mistakes at the supermarket. Please read it carefully.

1. Taking Items at Eye Level Sight

It’s obvious that many shoppers prefer to pick up goods that lie on the middle shelves as they can view the items at their eye level. That is a common and big mistake that we should definitely avoid at a supermarket. Most supermarkets nowadays use this trick to earn more money.

Customers’ inattentiveness is beneficial for the shop owners. They always try to put more expensive items at the eye-level view. Those are the first things people can see and choose. Be attentive; look at the bottom and top shelves also. Surely you will find cheaper goods there.

2. Not Buying Generic

Today various supermarkets offer their customers lots of generic items. Perhaps some people don’t trust the quality of such things, but I must convince you of the opposite point of view. You need to take the item and check out the ingredients list after understanding there is no difference. The generic form of products is usually almost identical to popular brands. And if you buy them, you will manage to save your family budget.

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3. Hold On to Your List of Items

The first step you should make when going to the supermarket is a list of items you need to buy. So write your list on a sheet of paper and stick to it. Some people make a mistake when they think it’s not important to write a list of purchases beforehand. If you make the one, it will considerably help you avoid buying things you really don’t need. Consequently, you will save more money.

4. Not Controlling Coupons

The coupon is another reason for numerous mistakes made by customers at shops. Personally, I cut coupons only for the products I buy. I try to avoid different unhealthy items which are offered at supermarkets. Taking coupons will certainly lead you to considerable expenses. For example, at most shops, coupons are about 50 cents, and if you buy two same items, it will be doubled.

Coupon offers are not available through mobile devices at some stores. Just keep in mind that you should purchase the most important and necessary things for yourself. The best recommendation for you is to control coupon policies at shops when you plan to do shopping.

5. Non-taxed Goods

A lot of stores offer us taxable goods, though, in fact, they are non-taxable. We should be careful about this issue if we want to save some money. Do you know that items sold in the grocery department are non-taxable while other special items are? Sometimes the cashiers may charge shoppers tax on those foods which are non-taxable in real.

To avoid this, you should control every item on the checkout line and in your bill. There is such a tendency that some supermarkets do wrong input of items into the machine system. Perhaps they do it purposefully.

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6. End Caps

Today almost every store offers customers various goods that are on sale. But the main problem is that these goods are mostly put on the end caps, distracting people from the truly low-cost items located on the shelves. That is another great trick which many stores use to benefit from the consumers. I can tell you more truth about that than anyone else as I have experience working at a supermarket.

When there was a need to increase sales of definite goods, our managers put them on end caps. They also put together similar products so that to sell them faster. That’s why to remember this trick when you go to the nearest shop next time. Certainly, that doesn’t mean that only expensive things are sold on the end caps. Sometimes you find quite cheap items there.

7. Forgoing Frozen

If you think that frozen foods are not worth buying, you are greatly mistaken. When you come to the supermarket, pay more attention to those items which are frozen. Especially it concerns vegetables and fruits. Some people consider that we can’t get any vitamins or nutrients from such food. But the reality is different. Fruits and vegetables are usually frozen when they are ripe and include all the vitamins necessary for your health. So you can easily use them for different dishes whenever you want.

For example, I prefer to buy frozen greens, berries, and also frosty smoothies. There are a lot of advantages to buying frozen food. You can cook various dishes using frozen vegetables such as salads, omelets and stew them either. If you choose frozen fruits, you’ll definitely save some money as they are cheaper.

I made it a rule to buy fresh fruits every week, but frozen items are more appropriate when I think about my budget. I’d like to advise you to focus more on generic products. They will cost less than some famous brands, but the quality of the items is similar.

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8. Buy Unnecessary Items Eagerly

It is the greatest mistake of most people to buy impulse items. We should try our best to avoid this mistake. The main rule is to remember that numerous tricks and temptations are waiting for us at supermarkets. That’s why don’t look aside at different beneficial offers which are aimed to bankrupt you.

Choose the thing which you really need and make your way to the register.

9. Do Shopping after Workout

I would strongly recommend you not to go to the shop after your workout. Due to various reasons you can make essential mistakes and spend a lot of money. When you visit a supermarket after the gym, you are usually hungry, and an endorphin rush influences all your actions after hard exercise. That means you are more likely to buy a lot of things as you are in high spirits.

Certainly, you will not always be successful trying to avoid unnecessary purchases. Simply don’t forget that you should minimize your visits to the store after a workout. But if you finally decided to buy something, make sure to take some snacks with you so that you can eat after your workout. As a result, you won’t buy too much food because of hunger. It is important that your snack includes fiber, fat, and protein to provide you a good mood and stable blood sugar.

I try to keep to a healthy diet and buy foods that are useful for my body. At the same time, I’m careful with my money. You can tell about other supermarket mistakes which you know and the ways you avoid them.