10 Advantages of Being Married


Nowadays many people take marriage too lightly and think that it is easy to survive a marriage. Moreover, in some countries people believe that marriage is a commonplace term. While marriage can put you at risk for weight gain, it boasts plenty of health and even financial benefits, especially if you are in a happy marriage.

Cohabitation has become common these days and some people think that living together is much easier than being married. But it has been proven that cohabiting couples are less happy in their relationships than married couples, and kids are much happier when they grow up with both parents. Read on to find out 10 advantages of being married that will help you to see marriage as an important part of life.

1. Longer life

Numerous studies show that a risk of mortality of married couples is twice lower than that of unmarried couples. Married people are able to adapt better to a number of health setbacks. When you have a sweetheart and a family, you take better care of yourself, avoid taking unnecessary risks and live a longer, healthier life.

So, want to live longer? Get married. Just make sure your relationship is really healthy. You won’t live a long life if you are unhappy in your marriage.