The Truth About Why Married Women Are Happier


Marriage might not be as sacred as it used to be then as more women are choosing to remain single and men do not want to commit to a woman. This might be due to the bad example set by some married couples over the years. But the benefits of being married are still the same; the fact that some people got it wrong has not changed it at all.

As a single woman, you might be very happy and content because of your freedom and independence. If you want to be happier try getting married so you can get a companion for life, financial security, peace of mind, etc. Here are some reasons why women are happier when they are married:

1. Financial security

Most single women feel that because they already make a decent living, there is no point in getting married. That is where you get it all wrong. Women who decided to take the plunge are happier because they found out that even with all the money they have, two heads are better than one. When couples pool their funds together, they can achieve more than they would individually.

Financial security in marriage does not necessarily mean becoming rich overnight because your husband is wealthy. But more like having a backup or support system when you are down financially. You always would need a support system no matter how financially stable you are.

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2. License to get freaky

Have you ever noticed that married women get away with all kinds of stuff that single women cannot get away with? That alone is pure bliss. Why won’t a married woman be happier when she can party all night with her husband and not have people frown at her because she is legally bound with the man she is doing it with.

They can have all the sex they want, however, they want it without people raising an eyebrow. But if a single woman does that she is at risk of being labeled promiscuous.

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3. Companionship for life

Women love to talk about their feelings, and things that happen to them, and marriage automatically give them a companion for life that they can talk to any time of the day. This eliminates loneliness from their life. You do not have to worry about coming back to your cat or an empty house every day, which in itself is horrible. Escaping the lonely life would make anyone happy.

4. Attend functions freely

Most single women try to avoid as many family and social functions as they can. This is not because they are not fun but because they want to escape the constant pestering questions like; are you seeing anyone new?

When are you getting married? Or reminders that your friends are getting married and having kids while you are not. The fact that you can step into social functions without hearing these questions is the real definition of happiness.

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Marriage is a lovely deal for women, and this is why they are happier than their single folks. Marriage comes with so many benefits that will constantly leave a smile on your face and keep you satisfied.