5 Unmistakable Signs He Is Breadcrumbing You


When you love someone, there is nothing worse than a painful and slow end of your relationship. But sometimes we are too blind to see the truth. Breadcrumbing is rather a new slang that means a new relationship game where one player wins and receives a powerful ego boost and pleasure and the second one ends up feeling totally broken and miserable. Be aware of the following signs of breadcrumbing to avoid being misled and getting heartbroken.

1. His texts lack substance

Have you ever noticed that his texts lack meaning? If you feel like he sends you messages just to send them, it is simply a sign he reminds you of him and tries to trick you into thinking that he worries about you.

2. He never ends a chat properly

Let’s say, you and your partner are having a lovely chat online or via texts, and then suddenly he disappears until the next day. If every conversation starts on a sweet note but ends up without him saying goodbye, it is one of the signs he is breadcrumbing you. Once his ego is fulfilled, he gets busy with his own business forgetting about you.

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3. He avoids making concrete plans

You never know when your next date will be or when your potential boyfriend will show up because he avoids making any concrete plans. All you hear is the promises and plans that he forgets about in a few minutes after creating them.

4. He is manipulative

Since breadcrumbing is defined as passive-aggressive behavior, your partner can get manipulative at times – especially when you try to confront him or discuss some serious relationship topics. Do not let this behavior mislead you.

5. He makes sure you think about him all the time

Even if you firmly decide to break up with him, he will make sure you remember him day by day. He might become more romantic or lovely and will send you dozens of sweet texts, including late-night ones, to ensure you think about him. End this game by confidently saying no. Otherwise, this womanizer will waste your time and break your heart.

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Finally, if he shies away from any commitment and just hooks up with you, it is a warning sign he is definitely breadcrumbing you. Whether you love or just like him, stop believing that he will change one day. Breadcrumbs enjoy this game and they do not care about someone’s feelings.