Are You Dating a Womanizer?


Men claim there are no good women out there, while women claim most men are womanizers. When you start dating a man, it can be hard to see if he’s truly committed or not.

Dating a womanizer is a huge challenge, but the worst thing is that you may not realize that your partner is a player. Womanizers enjoy flirting with every woman they meet and they don’t worry about what others say.

They are not interested in a long-term, committed relationship, and they can’t make anyone happy. Check out a few warning signs you are dating a womanizer.

1. He always stares at other women

If your guy always stares at other women even when he is with you, this may be the warning sign he is a womanizer. When you are with him, he should not stare at other women. The fact that you’re in front of him must be enough reason to get his full attention.

2. He talks in a flirty tone all the time

If he always talks in a flirty tone with you and other girls all the time, he might be a womanizer. Don’t pretend that it doesn’t bother you, because his behavior may be a sign of a more deeply-rooted problem. Flirting with you or other girls once in a while can be acceptable, but it still has to be a red flag for you if your boyfriend keeps doing this all the time!

3. He gives too many compliments

Compliments make any woman feel great about herself, but if a man gives too many compliments to you, chances are they are not sincere and he is not interested in a long-term relationship. Giving compliments is his hobby and he thinks he can charm any woman with his words. If he highlights all aspects of your personality and appearance more than 4 times in a conversation, run away from him.

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4. He keeps his cell phone locked

Does your guy get mad if you even glance in a direction of his cell phone? If he is possessive about his phone and gets crazy if you try to grab it, this may be a warning sign that he’s hiding something from you. Continuous conversation and text messages with other girls can be something that he doesn’t want you to see.

5. He never fulfills his promises

If your boyfriend tells you how much he loves you and he wants to marry you, you feel the happiest woman in the world. But if he makes lots of promises and never fulfills any of them, it’s a warning sign. If he always promise you to introduce you to his family and friends, but he don’t even try to do, chances are he is a true womanizer.

6. He has no male friends

If a guy has many female friends and very few male friends, it’s one of the possible signs he is a womanizer. The easiest way to check it is to go through his phonebook.

You can also go through his friend list on social media sites and look at his activity. If all the messages and posts on his profile from girls and he has very few male contacts, then there may be a situation that is much deeper than only the fact that your guy is popular with women.

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7. He calls you another girl’s name

A womanizer tends to meet and date many women. This can result in mixing up names and he may call you another girl’s name by mistake.

This is a clear sign that he is thinking about the other girl even when he is with you. Though, it may also be a sign that your boyfriend can’t forget about his ex.

8. He never calls you by your name

If your womanizer is afraid to call you another girl’s name, he will never call you by your name. You hear ‘sweetheart,’ ‘my love,’ ‘honey,’ or ‘baby,’ but you never hear your own name. The thing is, it’s much easier for a womanizer to remember these sweet words than women’s name.

9. You always see him at night

Men who love their women want to see them all day long. They call their women, meet them during lunch breaks or text them.

If you see your boyfriend late at night and he is always busy to have a lunch, a picnic or simply to go for a walk with you, even on the weekends, he is not as busy as you may think. Yes, he is busy, but not at work.

If he wants to see you late at night and doesn’t want to see you during the day, he is certainly a womanizer. He doesn’t care about your feelings, he is interested in more than simply a date.

It’s hard to realize that you are dating a womanizer, but the earlier you end your relationship, the better. Just make sure your man is really a womanizer.

Have you ever dated a womanizer? Do you know any other warning signs that a man is a womanizer? Share your experience with us.