8 Reasons to Date a Younger Man


Nowadays it’s not unusual for a woman to be dating a younger man. Often younger men are stereotyped as immature and stupid, while the women who date them are labeled as cougars. But these relationships can actually work very well. Check out some reasons to date a younger man.

1. Age doesn’t matter

Many people scoff at women dating older men and say that it will never work out. Surely all of us have heard the stories of a woman who goes on vacation and gets fleeced by a man looking for easy cash. However, do not dismiss all younger men as con men. When a man loves you, it doesn’t matter how old he is.

2. Keeps you young

Do you know that dating a younger man can rejuvenate you? It’s so flattering to know that a younger guy finds you beautiful, loves you, and wants to be with you. My best friend who has a younger boyfriend always says that he keeps her young, and I see that.

3. Equality in dating

This is another reason why you can date a younger man. Guys quite happily date younger girls, and there’s no reason why girls can’t date younger guys. After all, it’s the 21st century, and women should demand equality in dating!

4. It can be a lot of fun

Dating a younger man can be lots of fun, especially if you are not looking for a serious relationship, as it can give you an opportunity to enjoy dating a man without a serious aim in mind. However, a lot of younger men can also make great long-term partners, and they can bring more fun into your life than older men.

5. We know what we want

My friend’s boyfriend told me that he prefers older women because we know what we want. I’m not going to tell you that younger women don’t know what they want, but when we get older we are more sure of ourselves. You’ve worked out what you look for in a relationship and what you want in life.

6. Maturity

In fact, maturity is not a negative individual attribute. It brings us a lot of advantages and allows us to offer many to our relationships. Maturity can be very attractive to a man, that’s why there are many guys who prefer older women. Older women are very confident and this confidence attracts younger guys!

7. Confidence

As I said older women are very confident because it grows as we get older. Our confidence makes us really interesting partners. Most women don’t date younger men, because they are afraid of what people might say. But you have a right to date who you want!

8. We are more attractive for longer

Most women take care of themselves, and they look beautiful for much longer. Moreover, we have better emotional stability and more confidence to compliment our looks. And that’s very appealing!

Have you ever dated a younger man? Do you know some other reasons to date a younger man? Share your thoughts, please!