8 Reasons Why Confidence Is Better Than Hope


People are different and everyone has their own world view and various beliefs. While some people say that there`s nothing possible without hope and only a hopeful person can be successful in life, others think that confidence is the key to success. But what do you think about it? I personally support the second opinion and here you have some reasons why confidence will make you a happier person but not hope…

1. You know what you want

What`s hope? A hopeful person is the one who believes in better times and thinks positively about the future. But such people don`t have set goals. They have only expectations. Confident people always know what they want. They have a plan they keep to and they know what to do and how to act. You don`t wait for the miracle if you have confidence because you want to make all dreams come true.

2. You don`t wait

Confidence takes all your time and there`s no free minute to wait for something anymore because you have lots of tasks to accomplish. Your life is full of interesting adventures as being a confident person means having no fear to try unknown things. Waiting for something good to happen is all about hope. It gives you no guarantees for better future. What would you choose?

3. You always have something to do

We often don`t do many things we`re not sure about and then regret about it. There`s actually no need to hesitate whether to do what you want or not if you`re sure that you want it. It`s actually possible if you`re a confident individual. Hopeful people can have a lot to do too but only if they are confident at the same time.

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4. You look for the best solution

In case of some trouble confidence makes us look for the best solution because we know for sure that there is some. Hope doesn`t make you act and try but it leaves you alone with your thoughts and expectations. The one who wants something looks for the best way, but the one who hopes only waits and wants.

5. You`re ready for more

Confident people are always ready for more as they don`t follow any limits or rules. They always do their best in everything and, this way, they develop their skills and possibilities. People who hope would rather be satisfied with what they have and it`s actually great but it gives them no push for more accomplishments and achievements.

6. You can accept changes

Life is unpredictable and often brings us the most unexpected changes. It`s important to be able to face any situation with dignity and accept it like all successful people do. Hope means expect something and we become sad when our expectations turn to be wrong. Be confident about everything you do and don’t be afraid to encounter any turn on your life road.

7. You feel better

When you hope for something to happen you sometimes face failures because things don’t always go the way you want. It affects your emotional health and may even cause a depression, but it will never happen if you stop waiting for something and start doing what you want instead.

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8. You attract successful people

We`re mostly surrounded by people that we have lots in common with. If you hope but don`t try to change anything for better you attract lazy and diffident people. If you`re confident and strong you become successful and you mostly have initiative and happy people around. Our surrounding makes a huge impact on our lives so it`s better to pay enough attention to this fact.

Hope is definitely the thing everyone should have because otherwise there`s no positive way of thinking. Positivity is highly important as it lets us see the bright side of life – however you can`t be successful and get everything you want by just thinking and hoping. You should be totally sure that all you do is great and you can always get more out of your life. Confidence is more crucial than hope because it makes us act and reach our goals but not only speak beautifully. Do you agree that hope definitely needs confidence to make your life fully happy?