8 Important Reasons Why Good Spelling Still Matters


There are many crucial reasons why good spelling still matters. Nowadays most people don’t pay attention to correct spelling. I think that’s because of the text speak influence.

The use of good spelling is not only a question of sticking to old rules. Read on to find out some important reasons why good spelling still matters.

1. It leaves good impression

When you write correctly, it leaves a good impression on people who read it. And if you make spelling mistakes, that impression won’t be a positive one. It is important that college work and work documents have impeccable spelling and grammar. Keep it in mind!

2. It facilitates communication

Another important reason good spelling still matters is that it facilitates more effective communication. Standardizing spelling makes it much easier to read and understand texts. If you spell words differently, you won’t be able to communicate properly!

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3. Future prospects and career

If you think that spelling is not significant, think again! In fact, poor spelling could seriously affect your future job prospects. For example, the employer has 2 applicants for a job.

The resume of the first applicant is full of errors and the resume of the second applicant is spotless. Even if the two applicants have equal qualifications, the employer will definitely choose the second applicant.

4. It helps to avoid confusion

Correct spelling can also help to avoid confusion. It’s extremely difficult to understand what the person means if they have made a lot of spelling mistakes. Just imagine how grave the consequences would be if a nurse or doctor misspelled patient’s notes!

5. Standards

Good spelling is a fundamental part of the language. If you care about your language, which is a large part of how you communicate, you should maintain standards and do your best to spell correctly.

6. Don’t rely on spell checkers

When you write something don’t rely entirely on spell checkers to check mistakes. Spell checkers have a limited dictionary, that’s why many words that show up as misspelled may just not be in their memory.

Moreover, spell checkers won’t catch misspellings, which form another valid word. For instance, if you type “there” instead of “their,” or “your” instead of “you’re,” spell checkers will not catch the error.

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7. Comprehension

Will it be easy to understand something if it is full of mistakes? Comprehension is very important in many contexts.

We should be able to read and understand the written medium. For example, if you are reading a manual, it must be correct, or else you will not understand it properly.

8. Distraction

Poor spelling is a great distraction from the text you’re reading. I’m sure you will agree that it’s very difficult to read a book when you keep coming across errors. So make sure you spell correctly when you write something.

It’s understandable that some people have trouble spelling if they’re not a native speaker of English or dyslexic. But we should make every effort to ensure that we spell correctly.

Do you think that good spelling still matters in the world of texting? Please comment below.