14 Lovely Texts to Send Him on Valentine’s Day


Although it is important that we show love to that special person every single day, it is a well-known fact that Valentine’s Day has been set aside as the day of love when lovers express their love for their loved way and exchange gifts. It is a day when the official color of the whole world becomes red.

Since Valentine is the perfect day to express your love for that special person, you want to make it magical and let them know what they mean to you the best way possible. To do this, you cannot just settle for the slightly boring ‘I love you’ messages you send to them every other day; you need special love texts.

To communicate the simple things to feel in a special way to the special someone in your life, you need to look outside yourself for inspiration. The messages can be funny, emotional, romantic, etc., as long as it makes them feel special. Here are some special messages that would serve as an inspiration to send to your special person on Valentine’s Day:

1. The spaces between your fingers were left there for me to fill up when I hold your hands.

2. You can fall into a river or fall from a mountain, but the best place to fall way to fall is to fall in love with me.

3. You are the most beautiful and best thing about my life. I cherish and love everything about you more than I love me.

4. If you want to know how much I love, try to count the drops of rain, the ones you can count is how much you love me but the ones you cannot count is how much I love you.

5. My life has become more meaningful to you in it. Even when I am having a bad day, the thought of you still brings a smile to my face.

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6. You are my past, present, and future tenses because I loved you, I love, and I will always love you.

7. My love for you expires the day you find the teardrop I dropped in the sea.

8. Everyday missing you get easier, although it is a day further from the last time I saw you, it is a day closer to when I would see you again.

9. I would continue to love you forever and a day after.

10. I have a bad habit of falling in love so many times, but only with you… oops, I did it again.

11. If I get a flower every time I fall in love with you, I will walk in the garden of love every day.

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12. I just want one gift this Valentine; you are my desired gift wrapped with a big red bow.

13. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thought that goes to bed with me. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

14. Hate this commercialized day, let’s make it our crazy day, huh?

Valentine day is just around the corner; these love texts will definitely help you make the day special for you and your loved ones.